Band or Athletics: Deciding your Social Course

With all the chaos that surrounds going back to school, I had forgotten that this was the pivotal year to choose whether or not you do band or athletics. Which in small town life doesn’t necessarily determine your social circle for years to come, because thankfully the local communities around her are too small for that, but it does draw a line in the sand.

I was not a musically inclined person, in fact my piano teacher finally told my mother she had gotten about as far as she could with me. I chose the athletic route which I then found my niche in cross country and cheerleading. Those were just my things.

John Mark on the other hand did both band and athletics (although he tells me the percussion section is not really a band group). After football season was over he ditched band for baseball and golf which are his favorite sports.

Regan had no desire to be in marching band, but is very interested in music. She has been working with my dad for years on her guitar skills. This is a really special love that they share.

Rebecca came home from school yesterday, and declared to be all athletics. In fact I found out she did not even attend the band meeting. She wants to do all the sports school has to offer. She said only three kids in her class (there are only 13 total) decided to do band. I guess I know which side of the line she chooses.

Which side were you on, and did it make a difference?