Oliver’s Labels Review and Giveaway

It’s “getting ready for summer camp season” at my house as indicated by Rebecca’s Camp Trunk (in Comanche Orange of course). We also received notice today in the mail that Regan’s first camp week for Lions Camp will start on May 31st. She will have gotten out of school on Friday the 29th of May, and leave for her first camp of the summer on Sunday. Because it is a frenzy this month with trying to get everything organized. It is important that I get as much done beforehand as possible. Which includes making sure their names are on everything.

Now it never fails that every year my girls lose a few items, and gain a few items. This year we are doing our part to keep track of everything thanks to Oliver’s Labels . These are unique because of their special Found-It system that assigns each customer a unique code so that if your item is found, then log in the code, the company will alert the owner of the found item, and let them get in touch with you to retrieve it. This is a fantastic way to make sure more expensive items you might be sending with your child do not get permanently lost. This is perfect for items like cellphones, and portable video games

These labels come in all shapes and sizes from mini to put on toothbrushes and sunglasses, to labels for clothing and shoes that are no-sew or iron. They also have larger labels that I am using for things like Rebecca’s Tennis Racket and shower caddy. The variety is incredible and the prices are reasonable. There is no end to what these labels can be used for

Rebecca chose the farm animals theme for all of her labels, but they have a variety of choices and colors for all ages. They even have the medical labels that proclaim any allergies . I have a co-worker with a wheat allergy so to proclaim you are gluten-free on your lunch box-thermos, backpack. So that anyone who works with your child is aware of what not to give him or her.
Right now Oliver’s Labels is offering my readers a a 10% promotional discount. They simply enter the promo code as payment before checking out to receive 10% on their purchased items. Please note that this offer expires on May 31, 2009.

Oliversfriends (one word, no apostrophe)is the discount code.

Want to win a $20 gift certificate to Oliver’s Labels then here is your chance. This giveaway is open to US residents only and will be close May 6, 2009 midnight CST. If you are entering this giveaway anonymously please leave an email address where you can be reached.

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“I’m Bored” Advertising Game Activity

There are often a large number of kids at my house. Mainly because it is easier for me to entertain everyone here so that Regan does not feel left out of anything. Every now and then they reach the point where I have to get involved because everyone is “bored”. I thought I would share one of my favorite easy activities that the girls and their friends love to enjoy. We call it the “Advertising Game”.

1. I pull a product from around the house (tube, can, bottle, etc.) and cover the label with a piece of paper.
2. Make up a strange name (Jeral jelly, Blibblob, Acnexus, etc.)and write it on the paper.
3. Divide the group of kids into two teams and give each a few blank sheets of paper, and a magazine (as reference).
4. Set the timer to one hour: Each group uses this time to brainstorm what the product might be and do, make a print ad, and a commercial for made up product.
5. When the timer rings everyone does their ad presentations to the group.

**If they claim to be done early, that is not allowed, they need to use all their time for practice of the commercial or even coloring in their ad.

This is a great way to foster imaginations, work on team work, and graphic arts skills. This is a wonderful rainy day activity. I recommend it for ages eight and up.

I should have Blogged but Instead got Distracted by Pilgrims

Today my younger Gifted and Talented group are presenting their Thanksgiving play to the local Lions Club. In some form of insanity I thought it was a good idea to take seven boys and one girl from 1st-4th grade to present a program for my husbands organization. Let me be clear that these boys can be wild.

It is partly why I just adore them, they are creative free spririted and imaginative beyond belief. It makes them perfect in GT, but sometimes difficult in socail situations. After they had made their own costumes, helped with script, designed the background…..well I couldn’t help but want to show them off.

So last week we practiced like crazy. Then the 7th grade class who had built a tepee and and drying rack for a history project decided to work with us and loan us their items to enhance our scene. Add a Mayflower and we had the cutest little set you ever saw. We moved all this industrial equipment from the school to the community center with the help of the 7th grade and we were good to go.

My darlings were fabulous if I do say so myself, and the only time I really had to reign them in was not letting them go crazy when they were offered lunch by the Lions Club. One of my boys wanted to know if he could put three rolls on his plate. One wanted to keep the community ketchup on our table just in case he needed more, and one proceeded to pick off all the breading from his fried chicken and put it on a napkin beside his plate (at least he used a napkin).

I pronounced the day a success and I am very proud of my younger group even if social skills beomes my next major project with them.