Thought I would evoke some Mail Envy

I have previously posted about how much I love my mail. In fact I have put quite a few of my friends into permanent mail envy. Almost daily, I receive some sort of freebie, item to review, or just cool stuff. I am known to stalk check my mail box from 10 a.m. until Cindy (awesome mailperson extraordinaire) finally arrives with my daily stash.

And if UPS or FedEx should happen to show up I am a quivery mess with excitement….as was the case today! I had FedEx email me yesterday that a package would be arriving today from a company……and boy was I excited. “Please just get here before noon” has been my mantra all morning, because after that I am not home til nearly 7 pm because of the girls school gifted program, and my gym coaching schedule.

No need to worry….Fed Ex arrived with my lovely package from…..


Yes that is seven cartons of their new super premium ice cream: One in Brown Sugar, Coffee, Ginger, Milk Chocolate, Mint, Vanilla Bean, and Passion Fruit.

The kit came complete with testing spoon, cups, napkins, ice cream scoop, a tote bag, recipe card, and coupons. I can’t wait to throw my ice cream tasting party with this stash! This kit was put together by the marketing company She Speaks so go sign up and you can get your own cool mail. Anyone want to travel to south Texas for ice cream?

Google Searches That Lead to me

I have thoroughly enjoyed compiling these and get such a chuckle on how people came to find my blog.
1. How to Make a Housewife Costume- I typically just go to my closet, but maybe that not the kind of costume they are looking for?
2. Wedgie Pickers….and even Housewife Wedgie Pickers- I wonder if there are sites that cater to this little fetish…..ummmmm sorry mine is not one of them. On the bonus side Rebecca is completely mortified that I wrote this post about her and that it comes up in google searches.
3.Possum Riddles- I think they are cute little critters, but really not that funny, are there lots of possum jokes out there that I don’t know of?
4. Dark Chocolate Cerebral Palsy- wow….I had no idea that medical conditions now came in flavors. I would like to order Regan’s disability in Raspberry or Margarita flavor.
5. Yo Gabba Gabba Phallic symbols-Um yes that one guy is definitely a little phallic shaped but not really going to google that in reference to children’s programming….Big brother is watching people!
6.Giveaway Skin- I will gladly give away some of my excess skin in addition to the fat cells that lie beneath them…are you willing to fund that? Cuz we need to talk!
7.Big Mouth Cougars- I didn’t understand why this was a search (sorry my mind doesn’t automatically think that way) until I saw the titles of the other sites that came up with mine…..Get your minds out of the gutters people! There are quite a few lonely men(women?) who are really disappointed when my blog comes up in google porn searches for housewife and mouth….since those are both in my title.
8. How does weather affect a housewife- well when it is hot I stay indoors for the AC…when it is cold I stay indoors for the heat….when it is rainy I stay indoors to stay dry….any questions?
9. Pokerhontas There are either a lot of really dumb history researchers that can’t spell or my fame at Texas hold em is spreading.
10. and my favorite search that led to me example of my favorite place…(blushing) why thank you this is one of my favorite places too, glad you found me.

Pirate’s Booty: A Snack Review

I had planned all these cute pictures of my girls enjoying snacking on their Pirate’s Booty. I had thought it would be fun to interview them about how much they liked them in their school lunch boxes, and as an after school snack at the gym. We received this cute little treasure box filled with several flavors of Pirate’s Booty to review from the Roberts Gourmet Snack company. Although this is already a product we know and love. Unfortunately it was not the way I planned it to go originally.

Confession Time:

The girls only got to have one bag of each flavor, because John Mark and I ate the rest. I kid you not!!! I guess I could have posted pictures of me with my cheeks stuffed full of Bermuda Onion Flavor. Maybe you would have enjoyed me timing John Mark on how fast he can scarf down a bag of the barbecued ones. If there were an Olympic contest on how fast can you down five snack size a bag of Pirate’s Booty then you would see some major gold at my house.

Yes we love the stuff, and I promise my girls do really enjoy them as lunchtime snacks and after school goodies. It is a treat we have been eating for a few years now. My sister usually always has a bag at her house for us to snack on too. The great thing about these is that it is a healthy alternative to chips. Pirate’s Booty are baked, all natural, and gluten free which is a huge plus to some of my friends who find it difficult to snack and don’t have a lot of choices.