Quick note to school lunch lady

Dear Lunchlady,

My children really enjoy your food, which I know is unusual for most school cafeteria’s to hear. I think it has more to do with the thought of me sending them to school with liverwurst on rye sandwiches and celery sticks than any particular thing on the menu.

My request is simple, could you possibly coordinate the dates of school picture day, so that they do not fall on the same day that you are serving Sloppy Joes. I know my girls love Sloppy Joes because they inadvertantly got them all over the lovely outfits I sent them to schoool in especially for picture day. I am sure the grandparents will love any picture I give them of their grandaughters, but having to explain the stains all over their clothing is a bit much. Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Sincerely, XXX

We love to spin the night?

Last year my brother hosted my daughter Rebecca and I while we were in San Antonio for a cheer competition. He is always very nice about letting us staying with him at his bachelor pad when we are in town. Well, we were heading out one Sunday morning from his place and I suggested to Rebecca that she write him a quick thank you note for letting us stay once again. I,in my packing hurry, never look at the note. Fast Forward a few months

We are back at my brother’s again for another competition in San Antonio, and I happen to see a note from Rebecca on the front of his fridge. It reads….Dear Uncle David, Thank you so much for letting us spin the night. We had a really good time. Love Rebecca

Spin? What exactly are we doing all night at my brother’s…some aerobics class? My brother and his friends have found the note completely hysterical, and often ask if they can spin at his house too. I asked Rebecca why she wrote it, and she said, “but mama that’s what we do…we spin the night at places”. Well, gosh darn our Texas drawl…it probably does sound just like that. I informed her that it was spend the night, but I thought her version was much funner.

The Social Game

Yesterday evening I came home to Rebecca and one of her best friends “C” who I had previously written about the two of them in the famous Welcome to Dumpsville Post. They were busy getting ready to go to the Friday night football game, where they would be sitting with all the other middle school boys and girls. This is where they were both hoping to see and chat with certain boys….and make the former boyfriends jealous. They had the perfect wardrobe, hair, and touch of lipgloss to make the perfect impression.

As Regan and I bid them goodbye Regan couldn’t resist a little jab at her sister and C.
“Good Luck at the game, guys” says Regan.

“You do know we aren’t actually playing football” smirks Rebecca.

“Duh”, retorts back Regan,”I was wishing you luck on your social game”!

Later that night when the two returned home with John Mark I asked who won the game….the girls looked guilty and turned to John Mark. “Ummmm…We aren’t sure about that…who did win”?

One guess who won the social game!