Can you Spell it out?

The joys of the school spelling bee. Yes, it is that time of year again and all children at the girl’s school in 4th through 8th grade have the option of being in the school spelling bee.

Both Regan and Rebecca always participate, and never study….just wing it. Their past experience with doing it this way has been successful so far so I guess it is no-loss formula in their eyes.

The funny thing is that accents can get in the way terribly as was so aptly demonstrated by this year’s contestants. Apparently the rules are vague with how many times the moderator can say the word and then you either understand or not as the case may be…and spell to what you thought you heard. Kind of like the game telephone.

English teacher says “Algorythm” child hears “outter rim” no matter how many times the teacher says the word. The teacher does have a strong south Texas bohemian (czech/german) accent. You just hope for the best. The top five students remaining that basically don’t mis hear and spell correctly their words get to move on to the county level.

Both the girls made it through the first round with Rebecca spelling lemon right and Regan with the word guitar. The second round took Rebecca out with the word bureaucracy (she couldn’t understand the teacher at all on this one….or knew what it was). Regan moved on to the third round spelling boutique right. Finally Regan went out on Rennaissance but still ended up in 4th place so she moves on to the next round at the county level.

She has decided to study a bit for this level. Wish her luck!

Proud to be a MomDot Gal

I am always curious where my fellow mom bloggers “hang out” during their busy days. Do you have your group that you can turn to when you have blogging questions, when you need to vent, when you need some comment love on a post that is dear to you? Have you found a group of like minded people who accept you for you, flaws and all?

Many of the blogs I have on my sidebar are there for different reasons. Some of you are moms of other kids with CP, some are fellow Texas bloggers, and some of you are so funny and/or thought provoking that I can’t resist your every post. As much as I love my sidebar group, it is not my support group (well ok some are). My online blogging buds can all be found at MomDot. This is an incredibly supportive group of women and men (don’t let the “mom” deceive you). I know at any time day or night If I have a question or need a friend there is a whole group who are there for me.

If you are on the looking for a great support system on your blogging and personal journey, then come by stop and get to know us. I would love to see you there.

Just Call me the Lifesaver

Several of my friends have children in college, and are making the mad scramble to find apartments before school starts again. For example my friend Marcy’s daughter Kelsey is headed to her 2nd year in College Station at the Texas A&M University. She and her two future roommates have been scouring for a decant apartment that has all the amenities they need, plus accepts pets (one roommate has a dog), and that fits in their college budget. Well once again am fiddling on my IPhone and come across an apartment finder app called iphone apartment app.

It is really perfect for this type of situation. You put the town you are looking for an apartment in, and then filter your search to meet your needs. If you need it furnished, pet friendly, with an exercise center and a few other filters then this is perfect for apartment hunting on the go. Several places came up with the specifics Marcy gave me, and I gave her a call and gave her the numbers and addresses. They listed possible rent prices and types of floor plans all on my phone along with pictures and descriptions of the apartment complex. it even has houses available to rent from the site. This could really come in handy when we are looking for a vacation rental in the future. Anyway Marcy declared me a lifesaver, and downloaded the app to her IPhone as well, and was off to find Kelsey an apartment that would work.

Welcome to my Pity Party

I am either going to have to drop the followers button…..or do something drastic because it is driving me nuts!

Seriously people….have I really offended that many of you?

Okay this is the scoop (and yes it could be a stinkin system glitch). Yesterday….I noticed my follower numbers had dropped, and I thought “Oh well people clean up their follower lists all the time (in fact I have myself from time to time)”. Sometimes you find people really funny or poignant….and then after a while not so much. I get that!!!!!!! I really do!!!!

But today when I logged on I had dropped by 30 People that is crazy!

Should I hire a pied piper….or promise you all some rockin MP3 players
or join facebook like everyone else on the dang planet…..including my parents who have succumbed to the world’s newest drug.

What would normally make me just a tad bit sad has manifested itself into major paranoia….I blame Rebecca and her silly dance (memo to self: ground the child later for costing me followers)

Well it is a blogger glitch…so I will not flog my children (this time)……ummmm wait what is flogging again?

Football Season and the Family Television

“Guess what today is?” John Mark announced yesterday as he came bouncing in. I know it is odd to have a husband that bounces, but honestly if you knew him and all of his boundless energy it would come as no surprise. “It’s College Game Day!”…he did not even wait for a response from any of us just continues his dancing around in his own world. He dreams of the day of a wall of LCD tvs to enjoy games from every channel in one spot.

The girls and I just watched him for a moment, and then proceeded to go back to our own projects. It is hard to get excited about something you really don’t care that much about. It isn’t that I don’t enjoy football. I just like it as a real life spectator sport. I like the energy of being around a crowd of people who are cheering for their team. I love the social aspect of chatting with friends. I like to watch the sport in real action…and of course I love the cheerleaders because it is familiar and what I used to do.

Watching on TV, I could pretty much do without. I don’t mind the Dallas Cowboys because I am interested in how they do, and of course they have the best cheerleaders (Have you seen their show). My girls pretty much feel the same way. Regan would rather be watching anything but sports and Rebecca would rather be doing something other than mindlessly watching television.

Rebecca was the first to break it to her dad that the we had plans for the living room TV. We were doing a Wii challenge since we have a game system on loan to us for the moment. We also had plans to watch Mama Mia later on TIVO.

John Mark looked flabbergasted. Why would we want to play games and watch a musical over football? His shoulders dropped and the bounce disappeared as he headed to the back of the house to enjoy his beloved football in the quiet of the bedroom. Poor guy to have no one on his side once again.