Vaseline Clinical Therapy Review and Giveaway

A few months ago I developed a weird dry patch of skin on my stomach…..some sort of eczema. Not a big deal, but awfully itchy and persistent. I was trying several different lotions around the house (mostly B&BW stuff) that just didn’t work. Well I had gotten in on this campaign for Vaseline Clinical Therapy lotion and I thought to myself…if this doesn’t work I am going to have to talk to my doctor next time I go on and have a prescription written out. Within a week of using Vaseline I have had no more dry itchy patch, and definitely no reason to mention it to my doctor.

Vaseline started in Kodiak; one of Alaska’s many small towns, that has a population of 6,000. Due to the location, Kodiak endures an extremely icy climate leaving many of its residents with dull, dry and cracking skin. This very reason is why Vaseline thought the demographic would be perfect to demonstrate the effectiveness of Vaseline Clinical Therapy lotion.

Vaseline turned to Petal Ruch, a voice coach and 50-year-old mother of four, who tried the product and felt it really worked, to start a word-of-mouth campaign for new Vaseline Clinical Therapy Lotion. If she liked it, she could then freely “prescribe” it to anyone else she thought needed it. Through word-of-mouth, her experience spread to more than 600 townspeople—including 39 cousins, a Russian music group, a knife maker, police detective, owners of fishing vessels, and many others– whom also discovered that Clinical Therapy works.

Clinical Therapy Lotion provides 60% more moisture than a prescription lotion, and is available without a prescription. It comes in two varieties ~ lightly fragranced and unfragranced.

Through most of the year I have more oily skin brought on by the fact that I live n the South Texas Coastal Plain with tone of humidity and mild winters. But my elbows…and of course the strange odd dry patch both are very grateful to Vaseline for this extremely effective lotion.

Now I would like to share the amazing results with two of my lucky readers by giving away two bottles of Vaseline Clinical Therapy lotion to try for yourselves.

This Giveaway is open to US residents only. It will end on January 17, 2009 at 12pm

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I would like to thank the Family Review Network for this wonderful opportunity.

The “First” Dance

Yesterday, Rebecca got to go to her first official middleschool/junior high dance.

First came the phone calls to all her other friends.

Then came the planning of who was traveling with who….and what to wear.

Oh Wait…then there is the phone call about how to wear your hair.

No….still another rush of phone calls to speculate which boys might be attending.

Oooooops, still more phone calls to confirm first choice of outfit or whether 2nd and 3rd choice are better. Apparently T-Shirts/Jeans/flipflops are the winner
Then the announcement that we were to arrive “fashionably late”

Now it is time for nervous chatter in the car and trying to decide if they are brave enough to walk in the doors by themselves……or if they want me to walk in with them. It is decided that I should walk them in….just in case they don’t know anyone right away (at least I don’t have to drop them off a block away).

Then 2 1/2 hours later I arrived just a little early… keep an eye on things, and chat with other parents. There they were in the middle of the dance floor whooping it up with a crowd of kids dancing to “Baby got Back” apparently some songs never go out of style. Then I observed the “Boy’s Choice”…..and was glad to see that both of the girls I brought had partners to ask them. A few more rock/pop songs, and finally the last dance….where luckily both girls had a partner again.

The Verdict: Well the best dance ever don’t you know! Rebecca was proud to tell me she danced with seven guys….although she only knew the names of three of them. I laughed as the girls chatted about “big sweaty guy” , “guy who can’t dance”, and “nice guy that stepped on feet”…….such Seinfeldian names for people you don’t know.

Do you remember Junior High dances like this?

Irreplaceable: Book Review

I was recently fortunate enough to get the opportunity to read the breakout first novel Irreplaceable by Stephen Lovely. You know, I love to read, and I am always in the midst of a novel (or several). I must admit to this being a bit of a mixed review.

The novel begins with the tragic death of Isabel as the victim of a reckless driver (Jasper). Because she is an organ donor her heart goes to a young mother of two named Janet. About a year after the transplant takes place Janet would like to connect with Alex who was Isabel’s husband…..are you following me so far. Anyway it follows the journey of getting through grief, acceptance, and finding the way to love.

Irreplaceable is a very well-written first novel, and the characters are engaging and you definitely fall into the story line as believable and genuine. I guess my main issue was it was just a little too sappy and reminiscent of several authors who I typically refuse to read because I just don’t like sap. There were a few times that I just wanted them to kind of “snap out of it” and embrace the life given. Of course I have never been in a situation like this where a transplant and a loved one are involved….so I can’t say that I wouldn’t react the same way. Maybe it was because Alex was not a personality I could relate to.

Anyway, Irreplaceable is a good book and the story line is not to complex. The characters are well-fleshed out and I really enjoy Janet. I recommend this book for those who are fans of Nicholas Sparks novels. You will not be disappointed with this book.