Build-a-Bear Wii Game Giveaway and Celebrity Bear Auction

I am excited to be hosting my first contest and generate support for a worthwhile cause. My girls are very fond of their own Build-A-Bear stuffed animals. Regan has a bear that she dressed in a wizard costume whom she calls Barry Potter (I know very Punny). Rebecca has both a Rabbit named Rainbow in Olympic gymnast gear and a monkey she calls Queenie who wears a diva outfit. Build-A-Bear is truly a great company that I support.

Build-a-Bear has teamed up with Wii to produce one of the hottest games this Holiday Season, Build-A-Bear Workshop® A Friend Fur All Seasons! Up to four players can personalize a virtual animal, play mini games, and dress and accessorize their in-game friends. Depending on the outfits and accessories chosen, the virtual Build-a-Bear character will act differently. How fun is that?

Thanks to my good friends at Family Review Network and the The Game Factory I am able to give one of my lucky readers their very own copy of the Build-A-Bear Workshop® A Friend Fur All Seasons Wii game valued at $39.99. This game can be found at most retailers including Target, Amazon, and WalMart.

To go along with the season of giving The Game Factory is hosting an auction on Ebay with Build-A Bear Wii games and custom made Build-A-Bear animals that were created by celebrities to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House of Southern California. These one-of-a-kind bears were built by celebrities like Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott, the Jonas Brothers, James Gandolfini, Melissa Joan Hart, Bonnie Hunt, Mitchel Musso, Meaghan Jette Martin and more. Needless to say my girls would really like me to bid on the Jonas Brothers Bear.

I can’t wait to see how many entries I get on my first ever contest! This contest is for United States and Canadian residents only. Contest Ends December 6th at Midnight.
Here are all the ways you can enter
1. Visit the Ebay auction and tell me which bear you would bid on. One entry
2. Visit the The Game Factory and tell me what your favorite game feature is. One extra entry
3. Blog about this contest on your blog and come back and tell me about it. Please include Ebay auction information as well. One extra entry
4. Become a follower of my blog. One extra entry

Everyone has at least four chances to win this game in time for the holidays so Good Luck!

A special Thank you to the Family Review Network for this opportunity.

****This Giveaway is now closed****

Hippie Rehab Review

This review has actually been a long time coming, but for a very good reason. I wanted to be sure to test the product to the fullest,and check all the claims personally to give you my real opinion, and not a review just based upon a website and hearsay. That being said let me introduce you to Hippie Rehab a kit containing body detox capsules and cellulite cream.
Th creator of Hippie Rehab, Stacy Sparks is just like most of us who have tried diets, exercise, and tried maintaining a healthy lifestyle to no avail. She (just like me) had those wonderful cottage cheese areas that I affectionately call mom skin, but medically the term is cellulite. Here is what Stacy has to say from her site:

The theory behind Hippie Rehabs Lypo-Pallooza Cellulite Treatment is that the body detox (OPENING ACT) will remove harmful toxins from the body, especially the one trapped in the hips, thighs and buttocks. While relieving the fat pockets of toxins and excess fluid from the inside, the all natural cellulite cream (HEADLINER) will go to work on the outside: toning, tightening, and combating the unwanted cellulite.

Not only is Opening Act the only one of its kind on the market, it is full of natural herbs and extracts that have numerous health benefits. The cellulite fighting ingredients in my capsules are the most effective herbs and extracts known to man, but not made by man. They are Mother Nature’s secret to a smooth, sexy and cellulite free body.

As for Headliner Cellulite Cream, only the most powerful, all natural and organic cellulite fighters are present in my treatment.

So for my personal experience. I decided to hold off on this treatment until my girls were both off at summer camp and I had time to see it’s effects. the capsules are a little big, but not a big deal and I take two every day. I am a big water drinker anyway, so I have definitely flushed a lot of toxins out of my system. The cream I have been using in the evenings after my shower and targeting my thighs, rear, and in general upper leg regions. After a solid month using this treatment I have to say I really do notice a difference, and honestly I am surprised.

But let me also say, that I have been eating better all summer, and walking in the evenings. Added to that i have swam quite a bit too. There are all kinds of external reasons that my body is in really great condition for the first time in a long time, but i do think that added to all that Hippie Rehab has helped make that difference. I don’t want to come off saying that these results would be the same for everyone, but coupled with the fact that I have taken the time this Summer to work on it, and pay attention the cellulite has started to disappear a bit, and my husband says I look hot….who could ask for anything better?

Heading to the Mecca

We are heading as a family to the mecca of all things shopping the San Marcos Outlet mall. This place is so huge that it is actually the third most visited site in the state of Texas….crazy, huh? Well along with this being Tax-Free weekend, there are just a number of things that I want to get for the girls before school starts, specifically for Regan.

She is getting more and more difficult to shop for because she really wants to be a fashionable teen, but is limited by what she can help self dress and pull up and down herself (due to her cerebral palsy). We have been successful for years at The Childrens Place with their wonderful skorts that work perfectly with our requirements….but as she heading into junior sizes (and wants to look like other kids her age) the only thing with elastic waistlines are leggings. It is not that I have anything against leggings, but they do have to be paired with something else making it bulky and difficult.

What better place to search for the perfect wardrobe answers than the largest shopping mall in the state. If I can’t find it here it probably doesn’t exist. Wish me luck as we wade through several hundred stores over two days, and pray for the survival of my husband as he deals with three shopping girls, crowds, and the heat. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know what he is in for.

If you have any suggestions while we shop I will have my phone on me and will be checking comments so please let me know.

The Amazing Race

With the new fall lineup coming out few shows have my interest as much as the Amazing Race does. Now I am admittedly a reality show junkie. I love Big Brother, Survivor, Project Runway, The Bachelor etc. Pretty much if it is a competition of some sort that gets you invested in the characters, I am interested. I always end up having favorites that I am rooting for.

My favorite of all time is the Amazing Race. It is probably because I personally love travel, different cultures, and how people react under stressful conditions. It is honestly the only show That I would ever consider doing, and that is saying a lot, because I have no desire to be on television. I just like the idea of that particular competition. My sister and I have given it serious consideration over the years to audition, and even went so far as to download the interview questions, but we went no further than that.

I know there is a similiar race on a much smaller scale taking place in individual cities across America, called “The Great Urban Race”. They are actually coming near me to Austin in October, but unfortunately the timing dowsn’t work out this year. One day in my future fantasy life I am going to make up my own darn race that takes me all over the world, with no danger of being eliminated….now if I can only find someone to go with me and finance it…..

The sight that greeted us when we came home

Well living in a small town has many advantages such as knowing everyone, feeling safe, and a slower lifestyle. The main drawback to my particular small town….

The sucky zoning laws!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, as I have been getting ready to put my house on the market and working for months to fix, clear, and prepare it is all for naught, because as I pulled in the driveway Sunday afternoon the lovely field that is across the street from me now contains this:

What was a lovely view across from my average brick home is now a gutted and re salvaged trailer that I am pretty sure will be a tornado magnet. In one weekend my house and property values just plummeted! So I will no longer be tiling the bathroom, investing in copper sinks, or adding crown molding to two rooms; you know all those little things that ad value to your interior to up the price…..

Nobody will care what is inside my house with what looks like a crack house across the street. Needless to say John Mark is livid, and looking for recourse. UGH!
Any suggestions

My Morning Mantra

Well, My clothes can tell that I have been eating to my heart’s content through Thanksgiving, and have not gotten back on track. This morning I tried on two different pairs of pants to work comfortably in….and they were….not comfortable at all!

So I put on my gym clothes (which I never wear on non-gym days) and resorted to doing laundry. I also made up a ditty in my head that I thought everyone could sing-along with me.

The tune is Camptown Ladies:

Christmas is here…I need new pants DooDah DooDah
Or some diet supplements Oh da doo dah day.
Need some brand new pants!
Diet Supplements!
Then once again I’ll be a “10” Oh da doo dah day

Isn’t that a catchy tune? And of course the “10” refers to where I fall on the gorgeous scale, lol.

Sing it Loud Sing it Proud!

The Importance of a Beautiful Heart

Heart disease is a part of my family heritage. It is in the genetics and something that I am consistently aware of. My father and both grandparents have all had heart related problems in the last few years, and it has been a real eye opener for the whole family. In fact the Heart Hospital in Austin should have a room dedicated to my family, as much as we have patronized it.

It has made all of us very aware of what we put in our bodies as far as nutritional health, and making sure that fresh fruits and vegetables are a major part of our diet, and a lot less fat. In fact proper diet and exercise are the main ways to have a healthy heart….and the main things that most people don’t do.

Metamucil, the makers of fiber products, has created a new program called “Beautify Your Heart”. Metamucil wants women across the country to make a pledge to get their cholesterol checked and to start making lifestyle changes to keep your heart healthy. When I began to read all of the ways that Metamucil is getting involved I must admit to being very impressed.

Not only does it show how increased fiber can make a real difference in your heart health, but also drinking water daily, getting a good exercise program. There is a section devoted to goals, for fitness, diet, and body/soul health. The really neat thing is over 50,000 people have already signed up to be a part of their challenge.

When I make changes in my lifestyle, it models to my girls what I expect of them. I want my girls growing up knowing the importance of proper nutrition and exercise, and how fortunate that they have their great grandparents around them today…..because their heart problems have been addressed and are being worked on. Prevention is of course the best medicine, and I applaud Metamucil for helping lead the way