I am a Texas Cheer Mom

It really does sound worse than it actually is, I promise! For many years I have been coaching in the evening at my girls gym. It is a power tumbling, and all star cheer gym. For the first five years I managed to keep Rebecca away from the cheerleading program, and focused on my favorites…competitive trampoline, double mini trampoline, and power tumbling. I had visions of my daughter one day competing for the US Olympic trampoline team. Rebecca on the other hand just wanted to be a cheerleader.

She is so passionate about her sport! She loves every part of it from dance, to tumbling, to stunting. She would like to one day cheer for the University of Texas, just like some of the older girls who used to attend our gym. She is so motivated to work hard, and keep straight “A’s” in school just so we don’t take away her one great joy. I tell you though, It is a good thing I work at the gym, because this is one really expensive sport! I am really fortunate that my job there pays all my girl’s bills incurred there. I haven’t had to pay for uniforms, competition fees, or coaching, ever! Which is one way that we can ensure the sport she holds so dear she can keep doing.

So yes, I am a cheer mom…bring on the critics!

Shout out to a Great Friend

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Elizabeth Channel said…

Hey! Just tagged you for a “Random Meme!” Please don’t feel like you have to do it–just participate if you feel like it and have time! Cheers!
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I am still trying to get the hang of Paid Posting. It’s not working out to well. But I have become quite addicted to blogging. Haha
I left you an award on my blog, come by and pick it up if you wish.

Snacking on the Road

Well my game plan for traveling to Disney was to try and bring as much snack food with us as possible. Iwanted things that would keep well, and not fill the kids with sugar. I also needed a really good excuse to make one of my favorite snacks

Warning * These are not that healthy…and crazy addictive
Ranch Crackers:

  1. 4 pkg. Saltine Crackers
  2. 1 pkg. Ranch Salad Dressing Mix
  3. 2 tsp. Red Pepper Flakes
  4. 1 1/3 Cup of Canola Oil


Mix ranch mix, red pepper flakes and canola oil.

Pour over crackers in a gallon freezer bag.

Seal bag and turn every once in a while until ingrediants have soaked in. This usually takes a few hours.


Apparently I should be X-rated

Well this morning I was feeding my sitemeter addiction and I noticed that continuing in the tradition of the last week or so that I have a lot of searches for one particular post. This post is of my daughter’s Volleyball team, and the fact that they are called cougars.

Well curiosity got the better of me this morning and I clicked on one of the searches. To my horror along with my completely innocent blog up came a ton of sites for “cougar” porn. I am so sorry to be disappointing a lot of truly sick S.O.B’s but I am most definitely not promoting porn in any way shape or form.

I called my husband because my first reaction was to be completely disturbed and self-righteous, but my husband just burst out laughing at me! “Christine, do you know how many really lonely men, just got truly disappointed when they saw your blog”? OK, what? So since the words housewife and mouth appear in my blog title, and I have a post about cougars, I am reaching a whole new target audience than I ever intended. Sorry to disappoint this new audience….but this gal, don’t fly that way!

Prima Princessa: The Nutcracker

Dancing is a part of life at our house. For the last two years Rebecca has had an after school job as a dance asistant at the gym where I work at. She helps every Monday coaching three classes of 3, 4, and 5 year olds. It is one of her favorite things to do teaching and mentoring young girls and their love of ballet and tap. Since Rebecca has become interested in dance she, more than anything, wants to learn the correct moves and configure choreography for the Christmas recital. Her latest and greatest tool being Prima Princessa.

We already own the DVD for Prima Princessa presents Swan Lake, and now we have the newest Prima Princessa presents The Nutcracker. My girls have seen several performances of this magnificent ballet. It is really nice to have a DVD that breaks down the steps to their basic form for young girls. It is even better at our house becaus Rebecca is learning coorect form and moves so that she can help reteach at her dance classes on Mondays.

The Nutcracker is designed by the mom-preneur team of Stephanie and Mary Kate who are dedicated to bringing the beauty and magic of ballet into the lives of children everywhere. The 40 minute show joins Prima Princessa as she takes a holiday adventure filled with snow fairies, toy soldiers and sweets abundant, Performed by the esteemed San Fransisco Ballet children can get up and learn real ballet steps from actual students at the School of American Ballet in New York City.

This is a wonderful gift for the dancer in your life. With the upcoming holiday season approaching this would be a great way to introduce the magic of ballet to your yong one. It is geared to the ages of 3-6, and of course 11 yr old girls who want to learn choreography. I think that Prima Princessa and Rebecca make a great team as she ventures forth from the smallest of plies to the grandest of jetes.