My Moment in Anger

I am one of the most even tempered laid-back people you will ever meet. Even in my 30’s I still have that same bouncy personality I had as a high school cheerleader (you know the kind that annoy the crap out of everyone cuz they are always happy……yup that’s me). Anyway….today I had a moment of anger…..and I am still not over it

We were in San Antonio, Tx for Rebeca’s cheer competition, and usually Regan does not go with me because she hates sitting around all day waiting for awards. Today she was there because John Mark had to leave town for business, and she had no choice. So I pull up to the coliseum and ask them to direct me to the handicapped parking……and they tell me that the venue has closed all handicapped parking on the request of the cheer company…and we will have to park in the distant parking lot. What!!!!!!!!!

I explained again to the guy….. “I don’t think you understand sir, I have a child in a wheelchair, and I can see the handicapped parking right behind you completely empty, can I just use my tag and park there”. He once again tells me no, because he would get in trouble with his supervisor. Obviously he had no clout and I was going to get nowhere talking to him.

I dropped of Rebecca and her friend C at the door where C”s mom was ready to do their hair and make-up and then drove about a 1/2 mile away to find a parking space.

I hauled out the wheelchair and Regan and trekked back to the venue….just completely angry. Regan was just very bewildered because she has rarely seen me in such a state, and didn’t know quite how to react to me. I went right up to the Cheer Company people inside the door and asked them why they were denying handicapped parking……and found out they had no idea that was even going on out front.

Here was the real deal…..

The San Antonio Spurs were playing next door at the AT&T Center that evening, and they did not want the competition traffic to take up their overflow traffic parking lots!

UMMMMM….can you say illegal! You cannot deny parking to the disabled! Believe me they are going to hear from me tomorrow, because I am one mad momma!