What’s in your CD Player right now?

My music changes with my mood….and this week I am feelin a little bit country. I am fortunate that through the Family Review Network it is all about Martina McBride in my car right now. The girls and I have been tunin’ and croonin’ to her latest album Playlist: Martina McBride. My favorite sing that she sings is “There you are” and the girls love “This One’s for the Girls”.

Martina McBride exclusive on Soundcheck
by soundcheck2008
This CD includes many of Martina’s Greatest hits including:

  • My Baby Loves Me
  • Wild Angels
  • Safe In The Arms Of Love
  • There You Are (Remix)
  • Happy Girl
  • It’s My Time
  • Wrong Again (Acoustic)
  • Show Me
  • I Love You (Pop Remix)
  • How I Feel
  • This One’s For The Girls (Remix)
  • Cryin’ Time
  • Independence Day
  • God Bless America

Her music just strikes a chord because it is a mixture of upbeat and soulful. Really she has songs that will please any listener. I love that she is such a postive “girl power” kind of singer so she fits in well with me and my girls. In fact this morning on the way to school Regan made me change from my AM news station so that she could start her school day on a good note by listening to Martina. She claims she will do better in class if she hears music…..not news.

If you are interested in Martina McBride’s new CD you can find it right now at Walmart.com and you can download one song for free off of the CD through Soundcheck. I can’t wait to hear if you are a fan of her too!

Tag, I’m it!

Woohoo, I have been tagged, and I must tell you I have been jealous reading all of you people who have been tagged before getting to share all these delicious secrets. I almost made up tagging myself just to get to spill the beans about something. The terrible part is that all the things I think I want to reveal I end up writing up as future blogpost ideas. So I decided, even if I post about these later in more detail it will do in a pinch.

Thank You Elizabeth, for fulfilling my tag dreams (as lame as they are). If you haven’t seen her blog at Three Channels you are missing out. I enjoy her humor and writing, and feel we are kindred spirits. I am definitely posting my seven weird facts… but I am holding out on passing it on just yet. Thanks for my Tag!

Quick Christine Facts of Interest.
1. I am super competitive at board games, and love to win. It is a fact that my family just groans and rolls their eyes as I drag out games at nearly every holiday and force people to play with me so that I can win. I will not “let” even my own children win at games to be nice. I figure, if you can’t learn from it don’t bother playing.
2. My husband and I have had fewer fights than I have fingers. For the simple fact that I can’t stand to nag, and I don’t believe in arguing about any character traits that I knew he had when I married him. I did not walk into this marriage with my eyes closed, and won’t pretend I did.
3. I have actually looked in my couch for change just to buy a Diet Dr. Pepper to get through my morning. (okay i admit this is sad, but true)
4. I lied to my husband and told him that calamari (squid) were just onion rings just to get him to try something new to eat. He did like it though after eating them…is that justified?
5. As a teenager one Christmas season I did in fact secretly open all my gifts, and then perfectly rewrap them so I would know what I was getting and not be surprised.
6. I love that my girls enjoy my blogging so much, that they are both always begging to be a post each day and always want to know if anyone comments about them. Regan is so thrilled that people actually think she looks a little like Molly Ringwald, that she won’t keep quiet about it.
7. I seriously have a deranged obsession with my sitemeter. I can’t quit checking on how many people come by my blog, where they came from, what kind of search lead them to me, how long did they stay. Is there a sitemeter support group out there, because I am ready to admit I have a problem.

Okay that was so much fun I don’t even want to stop at seven. Do you want me to keep going? Cuz I could……
Posted by Christine at 11:45 PM

Custom Blog Designs said…

A true Texan with your Dr. Pepper!

I got tagged a few time recently, but I’ve become so addicted to Entrecard that I haven’t posted my replies yet!
10:15 AM
robin said…

For some strange reason, I am not surprised you opened your Christmas gifts. My sister and I tried, but got caught.
10:40 AM
Mommy Mia said…

I tell you what. if I had known you had not been tagged yet, believe me I would have tagged you!! I have been so overwhelmed by awards and tags! I love them, but got several for the same blogs. Be glad you are only doing one blog right now! LOL!
So congrats on your awards and being tagged!!
Thrifty Thoughts,
Mommy Mia’s World,
Mia’s Motivation &
Mia’s Menu Mania
10:48 AM
Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge said…

Hi. Coming at ya from DFW. Check it, sitemeter! Your blog is FAB! I love the spooky decor.
1:13 PM
Mindy said…

Ha Ha, I opened all my presents and re wrapped them too. I must be a really bad actor because my mom figured it out Christmas morning. Worst Christmas ever!
8:42 PM
Elizabeth Channel said…

Yeah! I’m glad you had fun doing it! So glad to have met you through the bloggy world!
10:17 PM
Joey Holbrook Clayson said…

Ok, we have never met, and this is the first time I have read your blog, and I am sitting here thinking”NO WAY…. I so have to win at games too…. baby showers really get my adrenaline pumping, and who doesn’t dive over the table during a good game of spoons? I opened all my presents, and wrapped them up again…(you have to cut along the tape seam, and put a new piece of tape just the right size back over the top), and I am soooo addicted to my site meter… check it several times a day… there ya go… a support group of two… I love what I see so far…