Selfish Mom Moment

This afternoon I dropped of Rebecca to spend the night with a friend, and I am completely enjoying the quiet loveliness that happens when it is just Regan and I.

Then it started….

“Mom can I call a friend to have over?” (Ignore a while)
“Mom can I call someone since Rebecca is gone?” (give Regan some tasks and hope she forgets and vaguely search auto insurance quotes)
“Mom, now I can I have someone over?”

I don’t mean to be a bad mother or favor one child over the other, but honestly when Regan has a friend over I entertain them most of the evening because Regan ignores them to play computer or watch TV. She loves the idea of friends and being social but it gets lost in translation when it is not all about her. It is easier if Rebecca and she have friends over at the same time so Rebecca can entertain all the guests.

I also enjoy the nice quiet that is happening at the house and would selfishly like it to continue. I want to work a bit, and get some cleaning done. I want to breathe for a moment….in other words I want to be a selfish mom.

On the other hand I feel completly guilty because it isn’t an unreasonable request.

What would you do?

The ups and downs of Febreeze

I have really enjoyed Febreeze laundry freshener as a product for several years now. I admit I was hooked by the commercials that said you could spray the fabric that had gotten slightly odorous, and it would just lift up offensive particles and replace them with fresh smelling clean ones. I still remember the one about the mom spraying her kids marching band uniform. I had a friend who sprays her carpets so that when you walk around you release more of the fresh odor. So for the last few years I have been a loyal Febreeze consumer avidly spraying pillows, curtains, carpet, and upholstery.

Recently I received a freebie from the febreeze Home Made Simple site that involved one of their newer products called Febreeze noticeables which when you plug in alternately sends one of two scents into the room. Well my first thought was a bathroom air freshener, but my first whiff of the scents was much to strong for a small bathroom space. Luckily my house has an open floor plan so I plugged it in the living room/dining room area. Wow does that stuff smell strong! It is absolutely unbearable! I gave it a 24 hour trial run, and got such a headache from the overpowering scents coming from the plug in. I can assure you that I did have the scent on the low odor zone because I tested the high one just to make sure (It was worse).

Anyway today’s entry is to say I will still remain a loyal febreeze customer to their fabric sprays, but I don’t know who they tested the other kits on…..but if you see these at the store, just pass on by to your current favorite room deoderizer ( I think I will stick to candles for now).

Riddle Me Tuesday

You know your children go to a country school when you drop them off, and everyone is gathered around a large tree discussing different ways to get an opossum out. The girl’s school has about 125 kids in PreK-8th grade and is really in the middle of nowhere. Critters at school are a way of life, but it still cracks me up to hear second graders shouting out bits of advice (and being listened to mind you) on how they have solved this problem at home. I left before the problem was fixed because someone suggested clubbing the thing….and my younger daughter was volunteering our house for it to live at. I can assure you, when I go back this afternoon to run the gifted and talented program….I will not be bringing an opossum home with me.

Riddle for the Day (Remember no one solved lasts weeks if anyone wants to give it a go): An elderly lady died and left all her money to her family. The will states that her precious diamond was hidden away. The clue says “it’s in a cylinder surrounded by a thousand squares.”

Where is the diamond?

Holiday Cards

Well I am trying to stay ahead of my holiday schedule this year. Sending out my Holiday Christmas cards is something that is very hit or miss with me from season to season. Sometimes I remember to be completely Martha Stewart and pose the family for a supercute look, but most years it gets lost in translation and the only holiday cards my friends and family receive come from my husband’s office signed by him and his secretary. This year I vow to be on top of things and fortunately for me one of my favorite sites is coming to the rescue with a great holiday card deal.

VistaPrint has a great selection of holiday cards with a charming selection sure to please. I like the caricature photos, because then I won’t have to worry about sucking in my gut for the family photo. Although, I do know plenty of people who would at least like to see my girls, so I think the photo cards are also a great option. When I check out, no matter what I select, I can use coupon code XmasFree to get 10 Free Holiday Cards added on to my order. My Christmas planning just got a little easier. Now if I can just figure out how to bribe my girls to wear reindeer antlers…..