I have a thing for tall dark and handsome

I am a quiz fanatic, I just can’t resist multiple choice questions that further defines who I am as a person. So when I saw the quiz asking me “what kind of superhero are you?” Well I was definitely on board to find that one out. I actually thought about it before I took the quiz, because I like to psychoanalyze myself before I undertake this kind of questioning.

I think being able to fly would be awesome. I definitely don’t want to have super vision…there are just some people’s clothes that I prefer not to see through. It would be cool to have super strength, but I wouldn’t want to be completely bulked up because of it ( too muscular woman just aren’t that appealing).I always thought it would be more fun to be a wizard ( oops, my Harry Potter obsession is showing), but that really isn’t superhero. So I envisioned myself a little like a flying wonder woman. Ok here is the reality:

Quiz brought to you by Buy Costumes

I was really pleasantly surprised. Hey, I don’t mind being a super wealthy loner on a mission to help those less fortunate. I am appealing to the opposite sex, and I kick some major bootie. Well it couldn’t happen to a nicer person if I do say so myself. So you want to know which superhero you are? Superhero Quiz is the site and I can’t wait to find out who you turned out to be. So leave me a post and let me know.

Is it worth $5 to me


So today when I had calmed down a bit from my angry terror I was on yesterday. I thought I would call The AT&T Center to let them know what had happened with the parking, so at the very least they could apologize and make sure that it happens to nobody else.

The gentleman whom I spoke to on the phone was very apologetic and seemed very sincere. Then he asks me if my family and I would be traveling to San Antonio again anytime soon. He would be willing to comp me my parking the next time and make sure I got in the handicapped parking lot.

Thanks for the apology….but really don’t bother with the generous offer of $5….I think I’ll survive. It is more the point that it should never have happened in the first place, and just because you broke the law, does not mean you can comp a parking ticket and make it go away!

No I was not looking for free tickets…or any big promotions we don’t go that direction that often. It just made the apology seem so cheap and trivial that it could be made to disappear with a free parking pass offer, are you kidding me?

Wordless/Wordful Wednesday

Action shots from Disney Nationals came in this week and I was tickled by both of these shots of Rebecca. She just eats, sleeps, and dreams cheerleading and wants to one day try out to be a cheerleader at the University of Texas (Hook Em Horns!). Don’t ask where her flexibility comes from….I assure you I cannot do that.

I am not Newsworthy

After getting irritated with my response from The AT&T center yesterday I decided maybe I should alert the media. Why, you might ask….over a parking space….and nobody got hurt and no real damage was done.

It seems to me that when people are wrong it should be addressed. If you are breaking the law, and deliberately inconveniencing a group of people for your own gain, then something should be done. Is there an ADA fining system for those kind of infractions? Who knows…because I got a real headache trying to figure out their sites, contact information, and then listening to computer voices asking me to press numbers that really don’t address my situation at all.

My next course was to let KENS 5 news in San Antonio know, and although the very nice lady who took down my story agreed that it was unjust…. she didn’t really think it that newsworthy….because she said they would possibly call back, but for all I know it went straight into the trashcan with a roll of the eyes.

I understand this is a small deal not important to anyone but me, but I saw the other lady in a wheelchair at the competition. I saw the elderly couple walking slowly with a cane. I saw another friend of mine limping due to a foot injury, and all of them had to walk that same half mile to the competition and struggle getting there just so there was no inconvenience placed on Spurs fans later that evening and those are only the ones I know of. I am sure I am the only loudmouth to actually complain…but my complaints have fallen on deaf ears, and I am done. I have waaaaay to much else on my plate this week to fight this injustice

Where the Party is at

Being a Review Blogger is one of my most favorite parts of blogging. Getting to try really cool products and share them with my readers just excites me beyond reason. So believe me was I glad to find out about Pitch Bloggers the newest brainchild of Trisha Haas of MomDot fame.

“http://www.pitchbloggers.com/ is a comprehensive resource designed to help PR and marketing professionals get up to speed on best practices for working with mom bloggers and creating campaigns that incorporate the right mix of social media.

There is a lot of advice out there from PR pros about how to pitch mom bloggers. There is an equal number of bloggers doling out motherly advice to PR professionals about how to pitch. But often these well-meaning groups are missing something critical: a true, stand-in-my-shoes understanding of how the other half works.

That is where we are different. Our dynamic team is made up of moms, seasoned PR professionals and long time, experienced bloggers. We provide the ideal combination of expertise and experience to help you effectively engage with bloggers, keeping in mind the context in which PR and marketing professionals work. We know the pain of short timelines and demanding clients, or bosses who want to “reach those mom bloggers.”

So while ….yes…I have been busy with Easter over the weekend….I also have been busy at my new favorite site. Already I have heard from three different Public Relations Reps, and can’t wait to share some new discoveries with my readers.

Want to get in on the ground floor action?

You too are invited to the party. Fill out the application over at Pitch Bloggers, and I hope to see you on the forum soon.

Dot Com Frustration

If you have had trouble trying to find this blog in the last 24 hours….sorry! I have purchased the domain name for my blog, and wanted to be able to formally announce my transition to being (drumroll please) a dot com! It sounds fabulous doesn’t it? I am no longer a dependant child, I was graduating to big girl panties with my very own site.

Alas (hand on forehead for dramatic effect), it has not been an easy transition. I can’t seem to get the dang thing to work correctly. If I have to talk to tech support one more time I am going to have to find out the guy’s birthday just to send him a card. Me and Tech support have grown tight! Now if it would only work…. Anyway look soon at the url and you might notice all of a sudden that it is officially housewifewom.com. I have the margaritas ready to celebrate…but right now I’ll just drink a beer and drown my sorrows.

Big Daddy EZ Lasso Review

Trick Roping
I can honestly say it is not something I would have ever though Rebecca would be interested in. Her summer camp offers trick roping as one of it’s classes and you could have knocked me over with a feather when this picture came up on the camp website. There she was pure joy with a lasso. It is one of the activities she still talks about how fun it really is when you learn.

When I talked to the people at Monkey Business Sports it was with great excitement that I could bring part of the joy of summer camp home to Rebecca. They sent us The Big Daddy EZ Lasso to try out. It comes complete with the rope and an instructional DVD. I am excited to tell you that it was a great surprise for her and a really fun activity we have enjoyed.

The DVD leads you through how to get started with the basic twisting of your wrist. Then the first beginning Trick of switching hands while spinning. The tricks get more advanced as you learn and advance through the DVD. It is easy to understand and follow. We had no problems getting through the instructions.

Rebecca claimed to not need the DVD at first and was back to twirling the lasso right away, but she did want to learn the “Merry-Go-Round” trick and we popped in the DVD for instruction. Even Regan wanted to get in on the action , but I am afraid trick roping is one of those fine motor skills that do not come easy for her with her cerebral palsy.

I recommend this toy and DVD for any child six and up (and I do mean on up because Rebecca is 11 and had a blast). It is a perfect starter for any little cowgirl or cowboy. It would also be a great compliment to any cowboy/cowgirl Halloween costume to entertain the crowd and garner treats with your tricks.

Clorox Wipes Giveaway

I am a Clorox kind of gal. I just love it! For several years I was on the Clorox mom’s panel, and would love every product that came my way. You can imagine I was thrilled when Family Review Network asked me to review their latest in making a cleaning brand a little more fashionable.

Well I am all about the nicer look, in fact the Clorox wipes are in very trendy mew containers that look great setting out on your countertop without just screaming “cleaning supplies” at you. There are several different looks for to suit almost any decor. in fact I now have three of these pretty little containers (beige, purple, and green) one for kitchen and two of my bathrooms.

You can help select the NEWEST addition to the Clorox Decor Canister line and win a $1,000 shopping spree. Click HERE to pick your favorite design and you could win BIG!

Speaking of winning…Wouldn’t you love to have your own little piece of Clorox decor for your counter? I am giving away three coupons each for a free container of Clorox wipes. This Giveaway is open to United States residents only. I will have three winners on this giveaway. If you are posting anonymously please leave your email address so that I have a way to get in touch with you. This giveaway will end April 16, 2009 at midnight CST

Mandatory First Entry: Leave me a comment on which canister look you love best.
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The Ultimate Party Meatballs Recipe

Tonight John Mark and I are co-hosts of a holiday wedding shower for dear friends of ours. It is technically a company party that encompasses all the different people who work for the same firm as John Mark and live in our area. We are a very close knit group and get together outside of the work environment all the time. I have been a little scatterbrained lately so I was excited to be part of the Mom Central blog tour for the recipe of Ultimate Party meatballs. What a perfect holiday appetizer to take as part of my contribution to the shower. I could let these cook in the crockpot while I worked on other appetizers to bring as well.

The ingredients are so very simple which I appreciate as I run around all day like I live in a mad house.

1 bottle Heinz Chili Sauce
1 Can Ocean Spray Jellied Cranberry Sauce
1 Package of frozen ready made meatballs

Basically the extent of labor is opening the packages which I can definitely handle. The meatballs go on the bottom then pour on top your other two ingredients. I have my setting at low since I am basically putting these out of my mind for most of the day. I stirred it every few hours.

These are ready for me to take to the wedding shower with a bowl of party toothpicks. Easy to eat and great tasting. I can highly reccomend this recipe for holiday entertaining and the cranberry jelly gives it just the right seasonal flair. Enjoy!

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Heinz and Ocean Spray and received the ingredients necessary to facilitate my review. In addition, Mom Central sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate

Boost Kid’s Essentials Review

Regan , if I let her, would literally be the most unhealthy kid on the planet. She is my meat and potatoes kid, and has a sweet tooth the size of Texas. The other problem she has is improper growth and development due to her cerebral palsy. She is the smallest in 7th grade and still only weighs in at 75 lbs. This is because most of her body’s energy goes to movement and not growth.

The problem is finding her healthy ways to eat that also do not cause meltdowns or bad temper at the table. Thanks to Boost Kid’s Essentials I have found a drink that in fact helps a lot. The really great part? Regan loves them. She says they taste just like vanilla milkshakes….I guess there is no point in me telling them how healthy they really are.

Here is the lowdown form the Boost website Parent page:

BOOST Kid Essentials Drink is the only nutritionally complete drink that provides kids ages 1 through 13 with immune-strengthening probiotics plus complete, balanced nutrition. A daily serving of the probiotic found in the BOOST Kid Essentials Drink straw has been clinically shown to help strengthen the immune system. Whether a child is having trouble gaining weight, is below growth percentiles, resists eating enough nutritious foods, or needs extra nutrition to maintain an active lifestyle, BOOST Kid Essentials Drink can fill in nutritional gaps.

Additional facts for parents:

Contains 25 essentials vitamins and minerals
Provides 7 grams of protein
Includes antioxidants
Lactose and Gluten free
Does NOT contain high fructose corn syrup
Available in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry
More information about the benefits of the probiotic straw can be found on the parent page on the Boost website.

Well Regan is begging me to buy her more, and that won’t be any problem at all. If you are a frugal shopper like me right now you can find a $5.00 Coupon at their site.

A special thank you to the Family Review Network and to Nestle Nutrition for this opportunity.