I wish the Screen was Scratch and Sniff

Earlier today my house was filled with the smell of grilled burgers. Then the girls made cupcakes and we had a sinfully sweet odor drifting through the house. Now everyone is settling down and I am ready for a non food calming scent to waft through the air.

So with the kitchen cleaned up and the kids out of the way, I switched on my new Febreze Home Collections Green Tea Citrus scent. I love clean scents. It isn’t that I don’t appreciate the smells of food, but after I have eaten, I really don’t like the smell to linger. I would prefer to relax to a clean citrusy scent that I can place on my kitchen counter and forget about.

It looks kind of like a candle in the picture. It gives off a warm glow and a subtle scent that slowly infuses the space and my mood. So I can quietly relax on the sofa, pop open my book and settle down myself. Thank you Febreze for sending me yet another item from your collection that helps further my addiction to your line (as if sniffing my carpets, drapes, and sofa weren’t bad enough).

Kim & Scott’s Pretzels: Review

I seriously can’t wait to share these pretzels with all of you because they are the “BOMB-diggety” (as my 11yr old put it). The girls and I could not wait to try the Kim & Scott’s Pretzels Original sampler pack (available at their website) that arrived at our house a few weeks back. In fact we had to very specifically sort out the savory and sweet pretzels to coordinate with each other, and then divide each one into three parts so we could all taste them. this meant putting it off for a full week since Regan was at camp during this time and insisted we could not continue without her professional pretzel opinion. The pretzels that were in our pack included one of each of the following pretzels and our thoughts.

Apple Cinnamon Pretzels: Really tasty like apple pie
Original Cheesecake Pretzel: This was my personal favorite dessert pretzel
Mixed Berry Cobbler Pretzel: Good, but didn’t get the cobbler reference
Chocolate Crumb Pretzel: This was Rebecca’s favorite sweet one
Cinnamon Roll Pretzel: We actually set this one aside for breakfast
Pizza Pretzel Pretzel: This was the girl’s favorite and the one they want for their lunchbox
Cheese Lover’s Pretzel: Kind of like fried cheese without all the “fry” part
Spinach Feta Pretzel: My favorite of the savory, the feta and spinach were a great combo
Grilled Cheese Pretzel: The girls would also like this in their school lunchboxes
Cream Cheese Pretzel: The least favorite at our house for some reason

Well now that we have become devoted fans ourselves of Kim & Scott’s Pretzels I am thrilled that I can get these for the girl’s lunchboxes and feel confident that they are eating all natural quality ingredients. You can put a pretzel in the lunchbox in the morning and it will have thawed by the time it is ready to eat at school. Not only can you purchase them online at the website, but they are now available in many markets too. We can even buy them at our local HEB and we are a small town with only one grocery store! Want to see if they are near you?

Travel with Me a Jet Heads Review

Well it seems like lately we have been traveling like crazy. This past weekend we had a wonderful night out with friends and then traveled to the lake for the weekend. After a fun-filled lake adventure we traveled to take Regan to her third and final camp of the summer. If only I had the time and energy for a real vacation this summer, LOL.

Anyway on Friday evening I was sipping cocktails with my friend Luann who is a flight attendant with a very large company. She is often on international flights and traveling to all sorts of distant locations. Recently she has been to Africa, Ireland, and Germany. I had told her how very much I wished to fly with her and spend some time in all those exotic places that she gets to go to, when she offered me a seat on her flight to Tokyo for a very reduced rate. It sounds like heaven! Also the prefect time for me to take my new travel pillowcases by Travel-With-Me.com.

Did you know how disturbing it is that most airlines do not change those pillowcases on those in flight pillows. Just the thought of all those sick germs and possible (dare I say it?)…lice, just makes my skin crawl. That is just disgusting. An easy way to protect you and your family when you travel this year is just to pack along your very own set of disposable pillowcases. These would be especially nice on those overseas trips. I need to let Luann know I am ready to start saving for a nice week away with her in some exotic location, and luckily I can be assured of being germ free from the airline pillows with these handy little disposable pillowcases.

The Back-up Plan

John Mark has asked me before if I would ever get married again if something happened to him. The answer has always been no because Matthew Mcconaughey is already taken nobody could replace my sweetheart…..until I got a better offer.

I had the absolute torture opportunity of substitute teaching the other day for the Pre-K class at my girls school. They were just a bundle of joy and energy and I really did have a lot of fun with them. At the end of the morning one of the little boys (who just happens to be a prominent doctor’s son) asked me to marry him. I was delighted! He was so cute and genuinely sincere, I just wanted to bundle him up and take him home with me….but I think there’s a law against that somewhere.

To sweeten the deal even further….his best friend said “That’s a great idea, you marry Mrs. Brown and I can marry Rebecca and then we can all be a family”.
Now, Rebecca is my often stalked adored child by all the little boys at school…but who can turn down a two for one offer. The boys hustled off to lunch busily making plans for their double wedding….and I went home to tell John Mark that my bargaining chips have gone waaaaaaay up. Because now I have a back-up plan