What did you do during the debates?

Ok, I did my civic duty, and listened closely to everything that both candidates had to say, but honestly couldn’t bear to watch it. It was on the TV playing away in the background, while I was busy sipping cocktails and shopping!

It is not that I don’t care about our country and the financial state that we are in, but did you know that Amazon was having a 70% off sale in their toys section? I have Christmas shopping to do with my own two girls, 3 nephews, and two nieces. So while I listened to the tirade of who did/did not vote for the Iraq situation. I was debating between which playdough set to buy my three year old nephew. While both candidates avoided discussing what they were going to do about the current financial crisis, I was buying board games for my 5 yr old niece. Buy the time my cosmo had reached the bottom of the glass, I had four gifts purchased to put up in my gift closet, and they were arguing on Fox News who had won the debate. I knew who had won, ME!
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Dorsey said…

I was sipping pink cocktails, watching Sex and the City, eating boneless buffalo wings, and chillin’. I knew the debates were on, but just wasn’t THAT interested in listening to them.

White Elephant Party

Every year (for the last 12 years) John Mark and I throw a huge White Elephant Christmas Party. It is such a fun gathering with all of our friends and no kids. It is a good time to let loose, catch up, and drink….a lot!

I wanted to outline the rules of our white elephant party in case you want to throw your own….plus give some great gift ideas.

A white elephant should be something you own that you can’t wait to get rid of….complete garage sale material….nothing you actually “buy”. Here are the rules we follow

1. You may not buy an item for the gift exchange
2. You can not give an item received in previous years
3. The more creative the better
4. Nothing is off limits

We run the rules so that everyone draws a number and that is the order in which you can pick gifts. When “1” goes and draws a gift and unwraps it….Then “2” can either steal “1’s” gift or pick a new one from the pile. This keeps going until all gifts have been chosen. Our rule for stealing gifts is that a gift can only be stolen twice and then when it is the third party hands it is frozen and can no longer be in play. Because “1” gets such a bad deal in drawing first we always let them at the very end swap gifts with any unfrozen item. So then “1” can be the best number to draw.

There are years that people have fought to get the chia pet or the box of half drunken decade old liquor. Last year everyone wanted the stressball boobs. Each year is a whole new adventure to see what gifts are fought over…and what remains as just junk. Here are a few items we have given in the past for more ideas.

1. A popcorn tin of my single socks I could not find matches for
2. A community service vest from John Mark’s high school days (won’t go into why he has one of those)
3. An old bowling trophy of my grandpa’s featuring just the backside of a horse….I mean really who doesn’t want an ass trophy.
4. A really bad oil painting
5. A barbie riding an oil can with just boots and a cowboy hat on
6. drink stirrers that featured boobs as you age (they went from perky to saggy)

Basically we just look through our cabinets and storage boxes, and put something together….one of my favorite gifts my friend Tammy did was to put a small back massager (shaped like a ladybug) in a box, and then right before the gift exchange she turned it on….everyone was dying laughing….but scared to open the box.

The power of Housewife

I love to catch up on my magazine reading and have several “free” subscriptions that come to my mailbox several times a month. I have discovered some really great magazines this way that I had never read before or considered. I think I currently receive 12 magazines a month, and several of these I donate to the school, and to a local gym waiting room, so they definitely get recycled use. Out of these 12 magazines I pay for one, and one is a gift subscription that my aunt renews for me every Christmas.

Three of the magazines that I have really enjoyed and never would have gotten myself are TV Guide ( just never thought I had a real need for it , but it sure comes in handy sometimes), Memory Makers, and Instructor.

Memory Makers is a wonderful magazine for people who like to scrapbook like me. It has innovative ideas and creative layouts. It has product reviews and plenty of information to help a novice scrapbooker like myself be more creative on my limited budget. This is definitely one I would consider buying if the budget became available.

Instructor is an innovative magazine that takes a look at what teachers all over the country are doing to improve their classrooms and learning environments. As the mother of two girls and a part time school district employee. I like that I have ideas to help my girls study and lots of educational projects to occupy their summers and weekends. It has really turned into a great tip mag on creative parenting too. I also share tips and articles with the school staff if they seem applicable to a lesson plan that is happening. The teachers are really appreciative to have some innovative ideas available to them.

The one magazine my Aunt gets for me every Christmas is Southern Living. Wow, do I just love this magazine. It has recipes of foods that my family would actually eat, and the ingredients can be found in my local grocery store. Beleive me not all cooking magazines share in that practical tip. It has great ideas for landscaping your house. Wonderful travel destinations throughout the south, that are many times very reasonably priced when looking for weekend trips. They have beautiful home decorating ideas. Nearly every article and picture in my house decorating folder are straight from my Southern Living magazine. This is one of those magazines that I can not pass after I finish reading it because I have cut out way to many recipes, and articles, to file away.

Now the one magazine that I actually pay for is Taste of Home. It is full of wonderful home cooked recipes, party planning, and menu tips, and the best part of all is that it is not bogged down with advertising. It is like the PBS of magazines. I have gotten many compliments on dinner parties I have given and food made that were easy and required very little effort. It also has many healthy choices and many of the recipes include the nutrition exchange for those watching their diets, or are diabetic.

Many of the othr magazines I get simply because at the time they were free, and I thought they might also be interesting. What I have learned though is that without some people getting trial or free issues they might not realize how much is out there they could still learn and enjoy. I will have to seriously consider some of the magazines that I have received so in this respect free subscriptions will probably benefit some of these comapanies in the long run and make loyal subscribers out of some of us.

Kobold Toys Science Magic Kit Review and Giveaway

I am always in teaching mode. I search for the teachable moments in life, and look for ways to make learning fun for my girls all the time. It is just the way my quirky brain works….added to the fact that I just love to learn (it is a personal passion). In searching for activities that I thought would be fun this summer I came across Kobold Toys which has the same philosophy that I do about teaching children through fun.

One of my big focuses this past year has been science. Research shows that girls are not as directed or driven to science as boys are, and I want to make sure that both of my girls see the fun and the logic that science can be. This year we have done projects such as making a catapult, growing crystals, and learning about plants. This summer I am going to focus on Science Magic.
Over Memorial Weekend we got to spend some time with our good friends Walt and Meredith with their adorable children Kelly and Zane. We took our Science Magic Kit over there to let all the kids get involved, and below is their first experiment. Rebecca, Kelly and Zane presented us with their first experiment and Regan, Meredith and I were their captive audience. They had a lot of fun, and I look forward to seeing what else we can do with the kit.

Want to do your very own Science Magic show? I am very excited that Kobold Toys is allowing me to give away a kit just like ours. This giveaway is open to United States Residents Only and will run until June 13, 2009 midnight CST. Remember to leave an email address if you do not have one attached to your Google account, so that I can get in touch with you

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