The Shandle: Review

With allergies, colds, flus and viruses already affecting my girls school they are taking measures to make sure to keep the kids as clean, healthy, and hygeneic as possible. Of course hand washing, hand sanitizer…and most of all keeping hands to yourself are of course top priority. Keeping this in mind, I was delighted when I was asked to review The Shandle because it would be perfect for the pre-K classroom as they are learning all the important rules of their classroom. One of the most integral rules of the Pre-K classroom is to wash your hands after you go to the bathroom. Since I have subbed in that class already 4 times this year, it is a rule that needs a constant reminder.

With The Shandle it helps have a visual daily reminder to my darling little pre-k class that washing hands is so important. Last week I took it up to school and showed Mrs. Steinmann the teacher and we adhered it to the toilet seat. The next day she had a small talk with the class and explained how to lift the seat to the boys in class (and of course put it back down for the girls in class). She then told them what it said so they would have that visual reminder every time they went in there to use the restroom.

I wish I would have gotten pictures of Mrs. Steinmann giving her talk with those attentive darling children. She has reported back to me that all the kids are washing their hands with no problem and no need for verbal reminders so it shows that The Shandle is working.

I think they need these in daycare centers and classrooms everywhere as well as in homes to help kids learn proper hygeine while in the restroom. This is an innovative product that I can highly reccomend.

How Starbucks ruined my Thanksgiving

Well I had been officially without a car for five weeks. I am not going to lie. It has been hell….no kidding. I loooooove my little Honda Odyssey mini van. Regan could maneuver in the seats easily. Her walker and wheelchair and any extra paraphenalia fit nicely in the back. I could haul eight people around at a moments notice. In short I love my car.

Well due to the small fender bender that I had mentioned before. The insurance company did not opt to toal my car….but to fix it which in small town translation means the local body shop has to order Honda parts from BFE and fix it all up.

What they don’t tell you is that anything left in your car will not be touched by a mechanic NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!! I guess that is not part of the repair shop employee screening process.

So say your darling child left hot chocolate from Starbucks in the back cup holder and it has been an extended period of time in an enclosed space with no thoughtful repair shop man to dispose of it for you. When you get your car back….It is going to smell! I mean stink so bad that you once again you thank God that you live in south Texas and can roll your windows down to drive and won’t be freezing.

So the day before Thanksgiving when I was celebrating the return of my precious little mini van….I spent the whole evening febreezing, lysol, renuzit….etc.

Then the next day we took Rebecca’s friend back to her family ranch in a neighboring town and on my way back… van died.

On the side of a road in a still smelly van on Thanksgiving morning and a house full of people heading my way.

Starbucks is not to blame I know….but gosh it made for a really difficult day.

Rummino : Get your Head in the Game

We are a game playing family. To tell you the truth it can get kind of ugly around here because we are an extrememly competitive game playing family. I have been known to chart moves in battleship and move my ships accordingly. Yeah… is all about the win.

Recently we had the chance to play Rummino thanks to Marina Games and Family Review Network. I am already a fan of gin rummy the card game and had taught Regan and Rebecca over the summer how to play. This made playing Rummino very easy to adapt to because it is really a fun domino version of Rummy. The object is to get the highest score at the end of the game.

Last weekend I had to work at the gym running a birthday party so the girls and two of their friends occupied themselves with their newest game of choice Rummino

Don’t they look intensely into the game? They were more interested in playing several rounds than getting involved in helping me run the birthday party. I love that our family game night now has another game added in to our rotation and I know we will be playing it for years to come.

I reccomend Rummino if you enjoy card and domino type games. The game is geared to the ages eight and up crowd and can be played with a minimum of two players which is great when John Mark and I are looking for a game for just the two of us.

This Week in Reflection

This week I was so determined to be more consistent now that summer is over, but I ended up being at my girls school every day but Wednesday this week. Hence, that day all of a sudden got two posts, and everything else seems lacking. I am hoping this weekend to catch back up on my work, but in the meantime enjoy my fun week as I re-cap.

Regan is still in her wheel chair after getting scraped up on the track last week because the scabs reopen on her knees when she is to active in her walker. It is frustrating to me that she is inactive right now….she on the other hand loves being lazy.
Rebecca’s friend that all the drama was with of course called to apologize and she had really meant to play what she thought was a funny joke. She has been grounded for many weeks, and had all online and media social interaction taken away until further notice by her parents. They are friends again though (isn’t it funny how that happens).
I subbed as a teacher’s aide this week for three days and found out four year old boys will point at my chest and yell “boobies” and then laugh hysterically. It really is helping me understand my husband more
I have been at school so much that I feel like maybe I should pack up a few cardboard moving boxes and take over the storage space. Hook me up with a laptop that is not connected to the school satellite (no blogging or social sites can be accessed through school site) and I am good to camp out for a while.
Monday and Tuesday I am back with the school gifted and talented program. The 1-4th graders are working on a theme of American Indians, and the 5-8th graders the Roman empire. It came as no surprise when we brainstormed ideas that the boys all want to build war machines and gadgets, and the girls all want to research fashion and social lives of the Romans.
Thanks to the invaluable help of my friend Shannon who you can find at . Now if you click on my links (except one I am still working with)…they all connect to something. She also helped me clean up my tabs, and was so very patient with me. Click on a link and check for yourself!!!!

Look for several more posts over the weekend…and all links working. I am starting to get through my goals just like I wanted to.

South Texas with no A/C?

With gas being at an all time high in the last month, and finally the temperatures dropping to the low nineties (seriously not kidding), I have been driving more with the windows rolled down to conserve gas. I don’t mind so much for myself hot fresh air, but my girls when I pick them up from school have athletics as their last class. The first thing Rebecca does when she steps into the car is crank up the Auto A/C compressor on full blast. I encourage my readers to check out auto air conditioning for all of your A/C compressor needs. This year has been incredibly hot, but there is no reason for your car to be