Of South Park and Corn

About a week ago Rebecca came home and asked about the television show “South Park”. A friend of hers was saying that it was his favorite show and how funny it was. He was shocked that she had never watched it. I’m pretty sure that up until this point she didn’t even know the show existed. It is not a family show that we watch at all in our home. I know I watched a few episodes when it came out years ago, but really it had been eons since I even paid any attention to it.

When she asked me about the show and if she would be allowed to watch it, I responded with “let me watch an episode first and I will let you know if I think it is appropriate.”


Either I am really old, or this show is just disturbing and I didn’t realize it when I watched it years ago. There were basically naked men having sex….on a cartoon, and lots of very degrading remarks. Nothing I would ever let my child watch….and certainly nothing I thought was the slightest bit funny.

I explained the next day that it was not going to be a show she would be able to watch. I told her there were naked people in cartoon form and that I considered it to be porn (a word I should have probably explained better).

Rebecca went of to school and came home later that day saying all of her friends looked confused when she said she was not allowed to watch South Park because it had way to much corn in it.

Yup, corn.
I wish that was South Park’s only problem.

An Interview With Heidi Ashworth

It was my search for blogs of moms who had a child with Cerebral Palsy that led me initially to Heidi’s Blog Dunhaven Place, but it was Heidi herself who has kept me an obsessed reader. She continuously keeps me in stitches with her rants and raves of daily life in her house, and her anticipation of her brand new novel Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind . See Heidi is not only mother extraordinaire, she is also an author with her first book due to hit shelves any day now.

The Synapses for Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind on Amazon reads:

“A dashing rogue and a fiery heroine spar in Ashworth’s charming Regency-era historical romance debut. Sir Anthony Crenshaw reluctantly accompanies Ginny Delacourt into the countryside at the request of his grandmother, who is trying to play matchmaker. But Crenshaw’s mask of etiquette drives the spitfire Delacourt mad, and they can barely stand each other. When highwaymen accost the pair and force them to seek shelter at a local estate, they meet Lucinda Barrington and Lord Avery, lovers destined to marry, if only they can get past their foolish need for drama. Crenshaw and Delacourt begin to fall for each other, though their courtship is complicated by the attentions of both Barrington and Avery. The subplot involving Lord Avery and Lucinda Barrington elevates Ashworth’s story above the genre’s usual fare and the couple is a natural foil to Delacourt and Crenshaw. Their presence provides genre fans the opportunity to laugh at familiar circumstances taken to absurd extremes”

I got the chance to ask Heidi a few questions myself that I was curious about. Here is a portion of that interview.

What draws you to the Regency romance era?
My first true literature reading experience was with fantasy such as Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. Pretty much most of what I read has an element of fantasy in it, whether it be a murder mystery, historical fiction about the royalty of Europe or regency romance. There is something very Cinderella-fairy-tale about regency romance. It all goes back to Elizabeth Bennet, a member of the gentility, snagging the noble Fitzwilliam Darcy in spite of his aunt, the wicked “step-mother”. Contemporary romance bores me (with a few exceptions) and romances set in other time periods just don’t hold the same appeal for me as a regency. A regency romance has certain rules that must be followed or it is not a regency. It is a smart book written for a smart audience. The time, place and conventions of the day are almost a “character” unto itself and it’s a “character” I am willing to read about again and again.

Would Ginny fit in well with modern day women?
Yes. I think that is one of the things that is appealing about Ginny. She defies the conventions of the day and insists on a relationship built on true communication. It is very out of character for the time period, however, so was Elizabeth Bennet

What inspired you to put yourself out there as an author?
I have wanted to be a writer since I was seven years old. I took four years of typing between junior high and high school for that express purpose. I just kept working away at it, one way or another, until about ten years ago when the special needs of my family became paramount to everything else. I pretty much figured I would never become published at that point–thank goodness Miss D had already been written. Then, a dear friend who was writing regencies back when I was had started publishing hers. She encouraged me to submit Miss D. I am so glad I did!

As an avid reader of your blog will we get a sense of who Miss Delacourt is by reading your daily adventures, and the humorous spin you have on life?

I think so. I hope so. That’s why I chose to stick to humor in my blog, so that the readers of my blog would get a sense of Miss D. So far the readers of my blog who have read my book all (claim) to love it–so I think it was a good way to go. We’ll see…

Is there another novel in the works right now or are you on hiatus for the time being?

I have two novels in the works at the time. One is a comedy like Miss Delacourt and the other is more serious with a bit of a gothic side to it. They are both regency time period.

Heidi is currently having a giveaway for a chance to win one signed first edition of her novel Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind on her blog Dunhaven Place. I know when you read her there you will be as anxious to get a copy of her novel as I am.

Wasting Time….but laughing all the way

Okay, my sister Jennifer went and got me completely hooked on the website Fmylife.com. I swear if you ever felt down in the dumps……or just needed to giggle at what people are willing to post about their lives (I swear the Jerry Springer people have found a whole new outlet)then you have to check it out.

I even went and downloaded the app to my phone (trust me on this one Dorsey!!!!!) so that now I can have a quick giggle wherever I go. I will go ahead and say that some of the stories seem pretty fake and hokey, I mean really who has a hockey puck bust out their teeth and then have everyone in the stands cheering about it? That seems way far-fetched to me.

But if you are told you resemble a TV Star and the next line is…..that the star is Ugly Betty. Then wow…I am so sorry that happened to you…..but it did give me a chuckle.

Thank you Jennifer for making my life a little fuller with this touch of class and charm. My life wouldn’t be the same without you!