Cheerleading Stunts

My Sunday afternoons have become filled with cheer….and I don’t mean joy. It is competitive cheer season again and Rebecca’s obsession is in full force. Every day at our house is filled with choreography, stretches, practice, and making weird faces in the mirror. This all accounts to the fact that the child eats constantly in between her boundless energy and still has not an ounce of belly fat(must be nice). Rebecca is at the top of the stunt in this video, but to be fair, has been in every position over the years. She loves being the flyer (top) best of all just for the drama and showmanship of it. I took the video to show her stunt group where they needed to improve…and as soon as I took out the camera they did their best practice yet, enjoy!

Celebrate Chocolate Truffles: Review and Giveaway

Seldom have I been so excited to test a product and see if it is all it claims to be. Honestly, I usually end up disppointed, and I thought for sure I would be let down when I first was asked by Family Review Network to try out Celebrate Chocolate Truffles. The claim I am going to test? Well eating these about 20 minutes before mealtime is supposed to fill you and make you less hungry.

So since I eat like a trucker on a regular basis, I figure anything that claims to be a bit of an appetite suppressant is incredible, and I obviously can’t wait to see if the claims are true. I should also confess to being a huge fan of truffles. It is pretty much a staple for me, and I had recenly finished off the last of my Easter batch from a well known “gold” box company. I was reaaly anxious to test out the camparison.

The first one I tried was two weeks ago, and I was a bit apprehensive because they chocolate had melted a bit in the shipment, and then I put it in my fridge to reset. I tried the raspberry because that is my favorite flavor. I was really surprised. The flavor and texture were rich and and delicious, just what I would expect of qulaty chocolate. the raspberry was a wonderful accent to to the chocolate and not overwhelming in the slightest. I had eaten just one at about 11:30 in the morning and I realized a 1/2 hour later that I still really wasn’t hungry for lunch. So not only did this make me eat less, I didn’t even really feel like I had to eat at all. I thought maybe that was a fluke, and tested it out again the next day at lunch with the almond version….and the same thing happened. Deliocious quality chocolate, and definitely suppressed appetite.

Want to see for yourself? I am excited to see if your claims match my own…..I really haven’t been hungry at luch time in nearly a week. I have had just a big glass of water instead of my usual sandwich or salad. I can’t wait to see if you have the same reaction. Win the same 2 boxes of Truffles and Cocoa Almonds that I tried, plus samples of the new products!

This giveaway is open to United States Residents Only and will run until June 17, 2009 midnight CST. Remember to leave an email address if you do not have one attached to your Google account, so that I can get in touch with you

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Welcome to “Forward” World

The girls are at the age now where all of their friends send each other emails. Living in the land of the Chain Letter and the forwards has gotten ridiculous! Rebecca checked her email and almost all of the mail she got was a forward from a friend and most of those she has received before….and they all end with something along the lines of send this to 20 million people or you will be cursed with a zit akin to Krakatoa on your chin ( Oh wait that really did happen to me this week).

My sister and aunt have put their foot down from being on Rebecca and Regan’s forward lists. They both said if you are sending us any mail at all….it better actually have some written conversation from you attached to it. I tried to explain that there are no real curses attached to chain letters, and they are just absolute nonsense. It is hard to convince a ten year old that seven years of bad luck aren’t real especially when she can easily send it to 10 bff’s and they will in turn send it right back to her.

Here is a copy of my official forward to my children, Enjoy…and of course if you like it forward it!

BUT….. only to your great Aunt’s College roommates’ daughter who lives with Bob or you will be cursed with nose hair that will self-braid on command.

Well, I am definitely back from hiatus

Well, I am definitely back from hiatus, and ready to get this up and running folks. I am excited to share today about my frugal shopping on tax-free weekend down here in Texas. I am definitely a caviar mom, on a Target budget, and so is my youngest daughter. She wanted all the big name brands to start school off such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Roxy, Aeropostale, to name a few of her “faves”. Well to do the kind of wardrobe that would make her proud, I had to do some creative thinking.

First thing, was shopping in a small town was not going to cut it, so I called my sister in Austin to plan to stay with her on tax free weekend. Secondly, my sister used Google mapping to find all the children’s consignment stores in Austin, and then highlighted those that were in the wealthier neighborhoods ( Thanks Jen). After a day of shopping we got items in great condition ( the shops are very particular about what they will accept), and a lot of them too. I want to give a shout out to our favorite place we went to…The Polka Dot Pony—in the cedar creek area. The shop owner takes in all the trendiest clothes! We walked away with Abercrombie T-shirts for $6.00 a piece, and didn’t pay taxes too boot! I am one happy momma!

Finally to make the deal even more worthwhile, I had brought my sister all my girls fall clothes that they would not be wearing this year, to put in a huge consignment event happening in Plano, Texas Labor Day weekend. Divine Consign is a very well known Dallas area event, and since I will be making money off of my children’s gently used items, I feel that my school shopping turned into an even sweeter deal. I hope everyone was as successful getting their darlings looking great, as I was.