Local Court Records

I have a very difficult birth record to obtain because I was born in a foreign country, in a US military hospital, but only my father at the time was American. I have made several copies of my birth certificate, and worry about the safety of the original should anything happen to it. For most of the country there is no problem and you can easily obtain birth, death , and marriage records from any local court house. You can also find them online through the site Public Court Records. This is really handy for anyone who quickly needs to locate public records.

All things Peanut Butter

Today, if you hop on over to The Peanut Butter Blog you will see a surprise guest poster…..me! This super cute site is completely dedicated to all thing peanut butter, and is right now looking for guest posters with a peanut butter story to tell. If you have a fun anecdote, or share a passion for food that get’s stuck to the roof of your mouth, then come check it out.
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Real Estate drives me crazy

My house is unofficially on the market. What does that mean? Well it means that we happen to know a few people who had expressed interest in our home over the year. It helps that we have a larger house in a semi-nice neighborhood: well except for the crack trailer house across the street, and the other one around the corner, and oh yeah the wandering chickens and goats that we randomly see because this town has virtually no zoning laws.

Despite all those flaws we have what is considered by some to be a relatively nice house with great country views and a privacy fence but all the amenities of the city. It has me feeling confident enough that I am scoping homes for rent in the neighboring town that has the school district I want for the girls to go to.

Basically right now I have three different families that have previously shown interest. We have quoted a price to the first one, and they are getting back to us. If that falls through we talk to the next one. What this also means, is that my efforts to fix it have slowed a bit, because we are willing to go a bit lower on the price to not make some of the required changes. Let’s hope I can get this house sold with out ever really putting it on the market.

OFF! Power Pad Lamp: Review and Giveaway

While it is often nice to know I am loved, I can do without it being from mosquitoes! These pesky critters adore me, and yes I do know it is because I am so sweet, lol. But, I also found out it is really because mosquitoes are attracted to me for several other different reasons according to to the MosquitoMeter Quiz. In the meantime to keep my skin from smelling like pine, and also having welts the size of quarters I am using the OFF! Power Pad Lamp on my back patio. Does it work…Heck Yes, and my skin is proof. We entertained the other night, and I had no bites and wasn’t coated in offensive sticky spray to boot. I am a happy camper!

The OFF! Power Pad Lamp can Protect an area up to 15x further than citronella candles or buckets – The heat from the candle activates the repellent pad, releasing proven protection from mosquitoes. In fact, there’s more repelling power in one little pad than 15 citronella buckets combined! Which is approximately the size of my back patio, so perfect.

Refillable – Each candle + pad combo in the OFF! Power Pad Lamp provides up to 4 full hours of protection. Each refill pack contains three pads and three candles, providing up to 12 total hours of repellent per pack. It worked the full length of time that we had friends over for barbecue

Relightable! – The candle and repellent pad of the OFF! Power Pad Lampare designed to work together. So if the candle is extinguished, simply relight the candle to reactivate the repellent pad. When not in use, please follow the proper storage instructions. Prolonged storage of repellent pads in outdoor conditions may decrease effectiveness. Easy to use, and easy to re-use.

Would you like to win your very own OFF! Power Pad Lamp? Thanks to my sponsors at Off and Family Review Network, I have one to give away. This contest is open to United States Residents only, and will close on July 20, 2009 at midnight CST. If you are entering anonymously please attach an email address where you can be reached. The winners are randomly chosen using Random.org.

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