Pledge-aliscious Giveaway

I Have spent my entire day cleaning because in two hours time I have about 40 people coming to the house for our Annual White Elephant Party. My appetizers, drinks, and dessert table are ready, and thanks to Pledge the cleaning was a snap. I have a lot of antique furniture in the house and I now have a beautiful glossy shine everywhere for the candlelight and Christmas lights to reflect off of the wood.

In addition Pledge makes a lot of other products to help clean wood, floors, glass, electronics and more. Like Pledge Dry Cloths can help remove dust, hair, dirt and dander from all surfaces. It has these little pockets that grab and hold these allergens. These come n handy when I want to clean my computer space from all the dust that collects around my tower and keyboard, And Pledge also has a Fabric Sweeper to remove pet hair from fabrics. I am a huge fan of their multi-surface cleaner as well. I guess you can say I am a Pledge kind of gal.

By the way wondering about my White Elephant gift this year? I posed the ugliest little Mardi Gras doll next to my pledge can…..enjoy!

Now while I get my party on, you can win your very own can of Pledge, so no need to add it to your shopping list. Here is how to enter :

Leave a comment on favorite Pledge product is.
Leave a second comment if you become a follower of my blog or are one already.
Leave a third comment if you stumble this post

You have three chances to win your own can of Pledge. This giveaway is for United States Residents Only. This giveaway ends December 30, 2008 at midnight.

This post was written for Family Review Network as part of a program by SC Johnson, who also supplied the product for review and giveaway.

The Only Reason I Hate Sundays

Well, I have heard talk that as the government (and everyone else) tries to cut back without cutting jobs….that one of the next things that will happen is that mail delivery will go to five days a week intead of six.

As if Sundays aren’t torture enough?

You see I LOVE my mail. I start to think about it coming everyday around 9:30 a.m. (even though it won’t be there til around 10:00). I wonder which magazines will be arriving, what cool freebie samples or products for me to test/review might be there. Will there be a new book from PaperBackSwap? Will I have cards from family members? Will it fill up the box, and Cindy (my very sweet mail person) will have to honk her horn for me to come outside, or leave it on my front porch for me…..those days are the best!

Even if I walk out there and it is all college alumni letters, credit card offers, or offers for disability insurance. I still get goosebumps to look through it all. Of course it helps that I refuse to open any bills so all the stress of that goes to John Mark not me.

I admit it I am a mail dork….but if you got my mail you might be too. Please don’t deprive me of another mail day, USPS……or if you do, can I work out something to where I can have my own key made, and I will sort and find my own mail on the weekends….just to save you the trouble….that’s legal, right?

Get the heck out of my Hula Hoop

As much as I loved watching Seinfeld for years, there were just not a lot of their quirky characters that I could personally relate too. That is until I have finally found my own personal “close talker”

I really have very few pet peeves in life but my personal space is one of them. I love when children come up and hug and cuddle, I love it when my own girls climb onto my lap or hold my hand, and I have even been known to allow John Mark in close proximity (well we do have two kids anyway). Acquaintances and friends on the other hand should always be outside my “hula hoop”.

For several years now I have tolerated a sweet woman who just seizes every opportunity to invade my personal space. She chatters away about her family and life in general, but always within a foot of personage. It’s as if she can’t communicate unless she is right next to you.

If you back up–she closes in. There is no avoiding it without being out right rude

It is probably the one thing that just drives me crazy about an otherwise very nice woman. She has a good heart and a pleasant personality…but why can’t she show it from about 2-4 feet away? I really don’t need to see the individual pores on your nose to be your friend.

Yesterday, yet again she stopped to chat with me, and I was stopped by a wall. Instead of hearing a thing she was saying I spent the whole time looking for a way to escape, and pretty much missed the whole conversation. I found myself vaguely smiling and nodding my head to heaven knows what.

Any suggestions? Do you know a Seinfeldian character that you can relate to?

Mean Girls

I had seen the movie mean girls a year ago, and remembered girls who had been like that in high school, and now I am seeing mean girls around my ten yr. old

Rebecca has one friend who loves to put down others depending on the labels that they are wearing on their clothing. She has another friend who wants to put down any athletic skill you have to show she is better. Another little girl has a mother who will take certain “worthy” friends to concerts like Cheetah Girls and Jonas Bros. Which then has the group all competing for the invitation. I am completely fed up! Now by no means is my child perfect, but I am trying very hard to raise her to be nice and respectable. To raise her to understand that material things are not the end all,and you will be remembered more for how you treated people, than what you wear. But these girls are making it very difficult.

The easy solution would be to have her make new friends, but she has only 14 kids in her grade at school (they go to a very small public school), and honestly she really has not that much more to choose from. Since when did being nice become such a hassle?

I miss the days of elementary when everyone played nicely and were friends, but now I just feel this is our new challenge to face, and still try to come out of it with our heads held high.

My Sweetheart Heading Home

John Mark is heading home today from St. Louis, and here is my list of things put off all week until today.
1. Christmas is down from the attic officially, but not put out so I need to finish the lights so the girls an do ornaments on the tree when they come home from school.
2. The mountain of laundry is in the process of diminishing….almost.
3. The girls have slept in my room all week, and Regan actually wanted to sleep in our one-man tent which has been on my floor all week long and needs to be dismantled and put up.
4. I need to install home theater seating in my kitchen so we can all enjoy the increasing dishes on the counter…..or maybe I should just wash dishes….nah!
5. I need to mail off a book for PaperBack Swap ( great site by the way if you are a big reader like me.
6. I need to finish wrapping my girls presents while they are at school to diminish their chances of finding them and seeing them first (well Rebecca’s are already done, cuz she is the worst).
7. I want to get all dolled up to greet my darling husband at the door when he comes home from stressful travel.

Sounds like I should get to work……but first I want to go check if something is wrong with my sitemeter…where are all you people today?