Nature Source Review and Giveaway

If you only knew how much I horribly despise cleaning my bathrooms. In fact I have bribed my children on many occasions that I will clean their bedrooms in exchange for their cleaning the bathroom. I used to make it a game like they were Cinderella and I was the wicked stepmother…..but they have gotten wise to me now. So lately I have been resigned to actually doing the job myself….and just gritting my teeth against those chemical smells. I have looked into the “green” cleaners but just doubted that they would do a good job. Boy was I wrong!

Thanks to the Family Review Network and Nature Source I have had the opportunity to review their bathroom cleaner, and I just couldn’t be happier with the job that it did. The Natural Bathroom Cleaner contains more than 99% natural and biodegradable ingredients, including plant-based ingredients, lactic acid, and purified water so no need for a face mask when cleaning my bathroom.

You know I honestly do not know why they refer to it as a “bathroom cleaner” because I used it on quite a few surfaces and was very pleased with how well this foamy spray works. The one place I had the most success was actually on my refrigerator shelf that I was cleaning in my sink. There was some stuff ( I don’t know what it was….don’t ask) stuck to the shelf and after a quick spray it all wiped away pretty easily.

I am thrilled that now one of my readers will be able to see for themselves that even going green can really clean. One lucky reader will win a cleaning spray from the Nature Source company. This giveaway is open to United States Residents and will close March 10, 2009 at midnight. If you comment anonymously please leave me an email address where I can get in touch with you. Here is how to win:

1. Go to the Nature Source website and tell me which cleaner you would like to try and leave me a comment. This is a Mandatory Entry
2. Become a follower of my blog and leave me a separate comment letting me know you did.
3. Twitter about this giveaway and leave me a link to your tweet in a separate comment.
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5. Post about this giveaway, and leave me your link in a separate comment.

Thank you all for entering and Good Luck!

This post was written for Family Review Network as part of a program by SC Johnson, who also supplied the product for review and giveaway.

Chandelierson Rainbow Ferrante

We are completely thrilled that my sister is going to be a mom again. To make the news more joyous than that….it’s a girl! Well with my two girls, and now Jen having two girls it is full on girl world at our houses. So recently we were in Austin to visit with my sister and her family. One of the things we like to do when we are there is watch my 4yr old niece so that my sister and her sweet husband can have a date night out.

My niece loves to play “grown-up” board games with her cousins and I when we visit her, and the game of the night was a rousing round of Life. Well when my niece got to have twins during the game. We thought it was a good time to ask her what she would like to name her new baby sister. “Chandelierson” she said with no hesitation.

Our jaws kind of dropped on that one. Huh? Well we decided to roll with that…she pronounced it just like a light fixture “chandelier” with son added on. So I asked well than what should her middle name be? “Rainbow”, says my niece. So I would like to formally like to welcome my future niece (due in February) Chandelierson Rainbow Ferrante.

The Multi-Generational Slumber Party

Tonight we are having a slumber party at my grandma’s house. It is really awesome that my girls have five great grandparents in their lives. My Grandma lives about a 1/2 hour away from us, and the girls have begged me before to be allowed to stay the night with her. My problem with that previously has been that they want to stay with out me, and I just think Regan is a little much for my grandma to deal with on her own.

There is that, and then the last time I left them with her for an hour Regan tried to microwave the kitchen timer (just to see what would happen) and caught the microwave on fire. I figured everyone in question could use an adult figure in the picture.

1.The gameplan has been to eat (check…at 4:30, LOL)
2.Take a walk(check)
3.Play some cards (check….until grandma couldn’t learn Rebecca’s game, and Regan yelled that they were bothering her)
4.Watch Jon and Kate plus 8 (about to come on….and Regan and Grandma’s favorite show. Of course Regan has been watching it since it started, and Grandma has been watching it since the made the cover of the Enquirer)
5.have some fun snacks and watch a movie

Wish me luck and an evening of fun memories

Happy Hour Came Early

I know that right now there are probably a million moms who are tearfully sending their children of to their first day of school.

I am not one of those moms. It is not that I do not love my girls with my whole heart, but I was just ready to get my life and work back on track, and have them in a schedule and routine again. This morning I promptly woke them up. They both got dressed (of course Rebecca has lined out her wardrobe for the next two weeks in her closet…and Regan is day to day). Regan requested a hair ribbon to match her outfit which is a bit unusual for her….but I loved it. Rebecca was thrilled that she is allowed to wear powder and lip gloss as make-up in 6th grade. They were fed and ready to go by 7:30 and even didn’t put up a big fuss about the obligatory pictures I made them pose for at home and at school.

It is nice to have my life back.
My very own Happy Hour.

The Bounce House

Well with Thanksgiving on Thursday the most important question coming from the kids is will the bounce house be there? My parents and aunt/uncle purchased this house two years ago for all the grandkids/nieces. It was the one giant Christmas gift for everyone to be excited about. The kids (and adults) just love it as we pull it out for every holiday, and have it for birthdays if needed. So far the girls have not even asked about food, but they sure have asked for this.