Medicures and Panicures

My darling husband is feeling a bit of guilt overload. He did go with us to Disney on Ice, but he is skipping town this weekend for a “boys weekend” hunting in South Texas. This would normally not be a big deal at all, but this Friday is Regan’s birthday so he asked for permission to be excused from the festivities.

I should clarify that into saying he will not be attending “New Moon” this Friday with me and several squealing girls and two other mothers. He is quite broken-up about it. To help make amends he treated the three of us on Saturday to our choice of a manicure or pedicure at a local nail salon.

Regan has gotten a manicure before when she was on vacation with us and Rebecca was off at camp. She decided again that a manicure was best because no one ever sees a pedicure with her leg braces on. She chose a pretty peach color for her nails which suited her coloring perfectly.

Rebecca was uber excited to sit in the “spa” chair and have her feet massaged. She was even more thrilled when I let her get a flower painted on each big toenail. Later that evening we went to a wedding and she spent a lot of time making sure her feet got noticed. Aren’t they cute?

And yes I realize the title is backwards. It is because the girls keep getting the words all mixed up wich just cracks me up!

Great find for Car Repair

I drive a Honda in a town that is dedicated to Ford and Chevrolet. Even when I blew a tire last year it was a big deal because the repair shop had to special order my tires. Funny enough though they went ahead and ordered extra just for me to have on hand, so I guess that is a small-town benefit too. I wish I would have known then about This great site is dedicated to finding places that can take care of your car no matter the make or model and give you an estimate online.

They have an entire repair shop directory that even listed eight locations in my town to take my car. I was amazed when my zip code came up as valid and listed all the repair shops in my town. I thought that maybe this was one of those sites which says they list all over the nation but are really just for metropolitan places like San Fransisco, for example. I didn’t even know you could price comparison the repair shops in my town, too cool.

So even though I do not drive a Ford Taurus or a huge pickup truck, I can still be taken care of in my little ole soccer mom min-van. This is an excellent find that just makes my frugal day.

How I Warped my Children

Today I have taught the girls how to carjack a car, beat up old ladies for their money, and the best strategy to use in a gang war. They have also learned to run from cops at all costs. What have I done to my innocent darlings?

The ultimate in bad mom judgement calls….I let them play Grand Theft Auto at my brother’s house in San Antonio.

I know…..not my finest moment…but the game completely cracks me up. I think I have a secret dark side that wonders what you would have to do as a criminal on the lam. What if Druglords sent me out on missions or I had to cater to mobsters. I should learn street survival skills right? It is just showing my girls a valuable life lesson on how not to live, right? Okay I have justified it enough that they are laughing like crazy and having a wonderful time strategizing together, and have both assured me they would never act like this in real life. I think I will just enjoy my bad mom moment.

LemonHead Kidz Hair Flair Giveaway

Well, I have girl’s on both ends of the spectrum, anything you put in Regan’s hair will eventually find it’s way to the floor….hence my main goal is to keep it short and out of her eyes. Rebecca has to fix her hair, and have certain “looks” to match her moods and outfits. The current fashion includes headbands, clips, and ponytails or low pigtails.

Everything has to be just perfect to have perfectly messed up/coiffed hair. The main problem with having the in hair styles, is that honestly headbands hurt! They hit at the wrong point behind your ears, and you can’t wear them during athletic events. So when we discovered LemonHead Kidz Bandeez, that are a ribbon head band that grips your hair without endangering your head the way plastic does, she was thrilled. The best part about it is that the ribbon headband comes in so many great colors and patterns, we are going to be ordering more to go with several outfits.

The LemonHead Kidz company also make non-slip hairclips that will satisfy mom’s whose children have the finest hair. It is difficult to find hairclips that work with children with fine hair. Their Clipeez do a great job, and are beautiful. The felt flower clip that was sent to me, was of such high quality, that I can’t wait to add it to my baby niece’s Easter Basket, because it will work in her hair very nicely.

The wonderful people at LemonHead Kidz has agreed to send one lucky reader their very own Bandeez and Clipeez to try out for themselves. This giveaway will be open to United States residents only. If you comment anonymously please leave an email address where you can be reached. This Giveaway will end on April 17, 2009 at midnight CST.

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One..Two…Tie my Shoe!

One of the side effects of Cerebral Palsy is limited fine motor skills. This has been apparent with us for years with the endless tying of the shoelaces. I have been tying Regan’s tennis shoes for 13 years now….and we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel (thanks heavens).

I am really excited to announce that Regan can now officially tie her own shoes….well to be honest, not while wearing them yet. But, she can tie them while they sit on her lap thanks to a break through new product called Tie Buddies.

The set we got for Regan was the girl version pictured below. The boys tie buddies have race cars on them. The great thing about the characters, is that you can use them to tell a story that help make your shoe tying easier. In just a few easy steps, and eliminating the need for complicated loops, and your child will be tying their own shoes in no time. What had taken us nearly 13 years to master was learned quickly within a week…….I am amazed!

Want to Win these for your pre-schooler/kindergartner…..or challenged older child? Then comment away, and solve those shoe tying disasters in no time.

This giveaway is open to United States residents only, and will close April 15th at Midnight CST. If you are posting anonymously then please leave your email address so that I can get a hold of you.

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Thank you so much to Family Review Network for putting me together with this product, that really made such a difference for us.