Bacon is not Currency

Yesterday I made a Wal-Mart run to get the girl’s school supplies. Rebeca and her good friend Kayla accompanied me to make sure I was spending my money on useless junk the perfect school supplies. Rebecca seems to think it is important if I am buying Kleenex for the class that I cannot get the generic store brand…because she like the stuff with lotion. After explaining to her that these were for the whole class not her personal use, and not everyone is as picky…she offered to cough up the extra buck in price difference for her Kleenex, and told me I could put Regan’s name on generic but not hers.

Of course I asked her to hand over the dollar first before relenting.

Anyway, we gathered the majority of the supplies, looked at acceptable lipgloss that can be worn as a 6th grader, and headed to check out to pay for everything. After emptying my cart and waiting for the lady to quote me the price, I reached into my wallet to pull out the amount.

And pulled out a piece of Bacon…….

No Kidding!!!!

The lady looked at me oddly.
My face turned beet red and the girls started laughing hysterically.
Why do I have bacon in my wallet?

I started fumbling out an apology, but by that time the cashier had lost it too and was laughing.

“Wal-Mart has a policy that we cannot accept bacon as payment” she quipped.

Which sent the girls into more howls of laughter and the entire front of the store looking my way.

I quickly shoved the bacon back in my purse and pulled out the cash, grabbed my bags and pulled the girls holding their sides to the car.

“Rebecca, why is there bacon in my purse”?
“I swear Mom it wasn’t me….maybe it was Regan”.

I drove home to find out that the other morning when we went out to breakfast with grandma after the slumber party (see next post), Regan put the bacon she wanted to save for later in my purse.

Today I learned that Bacon is not currency, and my 13 yr old thinks my purse is a doggie bag. What have you learned?

Poking my Head Out

There is no other way to start this again besides just seeing what is out there and what I have missed during my blogging sabbatical. I know some of you will be completely shocked that I am entering the blogging world again after being gone for nearly two years, but life has come full circle again and I have found my peace. No worries, I will not be updating the last two years in this one re-introductory post, I will probably be backdating a lot of things that have happened during my time off, so if you occasionally want to check the archives you will find some updates there on my family, and in particular what is going on with Regan and her cerebral palsy journey.
Otherwise, the backlog of companies emailing me to please partner with them has never stopped while I was gone, so you will continue to see plenty of product reviews, giveaways, and in general information and my take on things. To anyone who is new to my site, feel free to read the articles in my archives to see what goes on in my corner of the world. I have missed my blog and I look forward to growing with it again.

Addicted to Sap…Who Knew?

At this time of year I find for some strange reason all my typical logic, and sensibilities go right out the window, and I find myself with very alien feelings of being sentimental, and a little weepy……which is soooo not me. I have found the cause so that many of you can avoid the weeping pit I have fallen into. The den of sobbing uncontrollably for complete nonsense can be found every evening…..

At the Hallmark Channel

The girls and I find ourselves home from the gym in the evenings for the last two weeks and we turn on the Hallmark channel and watch every single one of those Christmas movies. I am touched by “A grandpa For Christmas”. I laughed along with “Meet the Santas”. Regan had me Tivo “Moonlight and Mistletoe”, and “Searching for John Christmas”.

We also talk in the car of some of our previous year’s favorites, looking for them to make an appearance like The Snowglobe Christmas movie, and my favorite “A boyfriend for Christmas”. I am not a sappy movie person but every year these play in the background while I work on my computer, and I laugh, cry, Tivo the weekend marathons, and scare the life out of my girls who are not used to seeing an emotional mom.

Of course I could cure it quickly by just turning the darn thing off, but I find myself powerless against the almighty Hallmark Channel.

Is there an addict group for weird people like me?

Some Cookbooks should Not be Made

I am (as always) in awe of all things Disney….ummm until now that is. This little treasure has made the list of fifteen worst book covers ever made. This was one of the cleanest (trust me). As much as the girls love to cook I guarantee poo(pooh) will never be an ingredient found in my kitchen.

Body Shop Estimates from Home

Now here is a genius little idea I came across today. My Honda Odyssey is a perfect vehicle for transporting my children. Regan can even get in and out by herself! That being said, because I drive a Honda in a town that only has a Ford and Chevy dealership….it is sometimes difficult to figure out who I should call for checkups. collision repair experts is a website that can give you maps, reviews, and ratings of local body shops in your area. This makes it a lot easier to find someone who can specialize in what you need.

Can you feel the love tonight?

I am channeling my inner Lion King tonight, which of course sounds nothing like Elton John when sung by this southern belle. Anyway, I am thrilled to be the recipient of the incredibly awesome “I love you Blog award”! I want to give credit to those who actually enjoy my silliness, and who also think I have cute kids.
Thank you very much to Piece of Me, A Peek Inside Our Life, and It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere for making me smile, and continuing to comment on my crazy life. I will be blessing more blogs with this award real soon.

Character Flaw #1: High Energy

I know that by any means I am not all that I can be. There are plenty of faults I have and I admit too. What I have a hard time with is is deciding if a character trait is a flaw or just part of the unique make up of me, and if it is a flaw….should I try and fix it? Would it better my life at all? So here I go into one of my character flaws that I am criticized for.

“Christine is high energy”

ummmmmmm Yes,
Yes I am.

I am sometimes energizer bunny high energy. I bounce, flit, and move quickly from one thing to another. I find it hard to focus and easily bore. I like new and different and embrace everything life throws out at me with a lot of energy. I am still the bouncy high school cheerleader that is in a great mood, and greets everyone that way.

It is a character trait that I recognize as not everyone’s cup of tea. It can be difficult sometimes to be around someone who is high energy if you are not that kind of person. So I decided that I would point out the bad and good of this flaw to see if it is something I should work on or leave alone and the hell with what anyone else thinks.

The Good:

My girls do not tire me out easily, neither do the kids at school, or my darlings I coach at the gym. In fact I love kids and love them high energy and free spirited. I love the challenge of kids who others find difficult.
I am a willing party to almost anything. Need a car buddy for a road trip…I am your gal, someone who wants to shop at 3am on Black Friday…call me. Want me to drop everything and come to your house to help with a project…I am there in five mnutes.
I am always flexible and adaptable probably because I bore so easily.
Luckily I married a pretty high energy guy. He is not a still person either, and would rather be outside golfing or cooking at all times.
I am always up for a party and being social. In fact I’ll host let me know when.
Need a friend at midnight or at 7am call me, I don’t sleep a lot, and chances are I am available.

The Bad:

When I am on vacation with friends I have worn them out. In fact my last trip to Disney Rebecca said some of the other parents were complaining.
Some parents don’t like to send their kids to my house because then they always want to come here, and one mother mentioned it is hard to compete with all that I have going on.
It is hard for me to focus on things to long, so if you want a conversation with me to last more than ten minutes….you probably need me seatbelted in and on the road. Chances are I will change the conversation anyway.
I always have something going on, and juggling several projects, books, ideas, etc. People have stopped asking because it tires them out to hear all that is going on.
Good friends are few and far between, because it is can honestly be hard to keep up. The great friends I have are wonderful, but as I mature I think most people have expected me to mellow more than I have.
As the girls have gotten older they have noticed that I do not behave and do like most of their friends mothers. It does not matter if their friends like coming over and getting involved in my latest project…the girls have asked that I tone it down a bit and be just a little more normal.

There you have it.

I am a 37 year old High Energy gal. Do you know people like me? Do people who resemble Rachel Ray in persona irritate the crap out of you? It’s okay I am looking at serious character analysis and trying to decide if taking it down a decible or so would be a good thing, or do you think like a good cheese I will mellow more with age?

Weigh in I am curious and open