My favorite place to “shop”

Yesterday afternoon I came home armed with 8 new pairs of shoes, 10 articles of clothing, several things for my girls, Tamales for dinner, and some more glassware to match my own in the kitchen cupboard. What fabulous place had all I was looking for and more?

My Mother’s house!

My mom’s house is my favorite place on earth to shop. Where else can you sip on tea and eat cucumber sandwiches plus refill your own wardrobe with fabulous eclectic boutique clothing. My mother’s house and style reflect the fact that she has lived all over the world, and I love that I am the recipient of everything she gets tired of even if it is just for a while.

Yesterday, I picked up the girls, and basked in the glow of compliments on my cute “new” jacket and shoes, and this morning I am happily blogging away wrapped in the most darling velvet shirt.

Thanks Mom (I think it’s because I’m the favorite….but my sister and brother argue with me on that one)

Etsy Review and Giveaway: Crown Bindery

You know less than a year ago I became aware of the whole Etsy phenomena. It is amazing I hadn’t discovered this gem of a shopping resource before then. I am in awe of all the artisans and what they are capable of.

A few weeks ago I zipped up to Austin to help my sweet sister Jennifer at a small craft fair for her MOPS (mothers of pre-schoolers) group. Jennifer and I had a table filled with hair bows, belts and buckles, and tutus. We spent the morning selling like crazy…but then came the great part…I actually got to wander and shop for myself. I fell in love with a booth called Crown Bindery and met the owner Carla. I was sitting there gushing over her binders and how absolutely gorgeous they were, when I subtly (okay not so subtle…ooops) mentioned I had a review blog that these would be awesome for.

Boy, was I in luck, because Carla, and her fabulous Etsy shop Crown Bindery had actually worked with a few bloggers, and she was thrilled to have me look at her binders, and review them. Can I just tell you this binder has become a desktop staple for me….what do I use it for?

Review blogging of course. Every time a company sends me their stat sheets along with their product, then I punch holes in the stat sheet and add them to the binder for when I need them. That way, I do not lose any of my paperwork, and all my information is handy right next to my computer. The girls have requested their own for school because they are so stylish. Carla mentioned to me how great they are for all kinds of things such as recipes and Bible studies, but really the possibilities are endless.

Crown Bindery is willing to give one of my readers a 9×11 binder of their choice. This giveaway is open to United States residents only. Please if you are commenting anonymously leave your email address so that I may get a hold of you. This giveaway will end April 20 at midnight CST

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