Zhu Zhu pets: Commercial Retake

The girls have been on a commercial kick lately and this weekend wrote their own for Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters. We recently had a party with these adorable little pseudo pets and it is now required when you come to my house to bring your hamster along for play. Honestly I am glad to have found a pet in the meantime to distract from the dog conversations. If you haven’t seen these adorable toys they are a lot of fun and have kept us entertained for hours.

Yo Gabba Gabba teaches me an important life lesson

My girls are way past the age where I have to grit my teeth and bear every inane children’s program on television so I was caught off guard when we went to the Dr.’s office a few days ago. In the waiting room of our family doctor was a show that my girls told me was called Yo Gabba Gabba.

I had initially planned to ignore it and read some some 25 year old Time magazine (did you know that Madonna and Sean Penn are getting divorced?). Then this bizarre guy in some orange fashion disaster presents these odd creatures in a box. Then these very odd things start to sing at me. Well one of them looks like a cat who needs a diet and one is seriously a phallic symbol(complete with one eye)and then there were a few others that just become a blurred haze. They proceed to sing at me at how I should not bite my friends.

Seriously here is the song
“Don’t, don’t, don’t bite your friends”

and they just kept chanting this like some strange cult mantra.

Okay life makes much more sense now.
That would completely explain my lack of friends.
Why didn’t someone tell me this earlier….when it could have been of use to me.
Apparently a major social lesson…and I have been biting people for years!

After I picked myself off the floor from laughing so hard, and then took Regan to the bathroom before she wet herself from laughing too hard. The girls and I decided there are some really socially inept kids out there, if this is what children’s programming has resorted too.

Flashback Friday (sort of)

Okay, so it is not my own personal flashback…..but every once in a while I have those days where I have nothing coming to mind to write about.

I actually don’t think she is blogging….it looks more like Twitter to me. Yes I have Twitter….at one point I thought it would be fun, but I really don’t think anyone cares about the microbits of my day….like my breakfast, getting kids, or cleaning house. Feel free to become a follower if you dare, and I may post a tweet again in the future who knows?

Baby Teeth….Make Great Keepsakes?

Not long ago I was at a friend’s house when I was introduced to a jar of her children’s baby teeth. I have to admit I at first thought she was kidding. Then I discovered, that I was the odd one for just considering baby teeth only trash can worthy. I do have both of the girl’s first locks of hair. I have beautiful scrapbooks of their infancy, I am always on the lookout for chronicling every Kodak moment….but baby teeth, it never occured to me.

So, I took an informal survey of several of my friends. A few ladies kept first teeth only, some threw them all away, and then a few kept every single one. One friend even told me about having them in the baby album placed in order of where they belong in the mouth and what date they were lost on, yeah that not a little psycho troubling. Hmmm, so will my children one day need therapy because I didn’t scrapbook their baby teeth?

Apparently, historically saving baby teeth is a timeless tradition, and in the Victorian Age, really devoted mothers could even have jewelry made from them…..no kidding!!!!

Yes you see those little teeth used to belong on some child in the late 1800’s, and now they can adorn your ears. Now, I love jewelry, but this is postively gothic, and completely not my style….but I bet my friend might be looking for something to do with her jar of teeth…hmmmm, Christmas?