If you Give Christine a Contractor

If you give Christine a contractor, chances are she will want a garage door repairman to go with it.

So you get the repairman to install a new door and fix the remotes, and all that electrical work will remind her that she needs an electrician.

The electrician comes out to replace two lights in the dining room, and the soft glow makes her reminisce about sunrises and sunsets so she decides she needs a painter.

Now the paint in the dining room glows from sunny yellow to deep gold depending on the position of the sunlight and she thinks the look will be complete with some crown molding.

With now a carpenter hired to finish the look completely it will remind her that crown molding would look excellent in two other rooms as well. so you agree to her whims and let the carpenter tackle additional rooms.

All this rearranging of rooms will make her realize she has way to much stuff cluttering the way and Christine will contact her friends to throw a huge garage sale, and completely pack up several tons of junk.

Having a garage sale means Yeah! Extra money….and wouldn’t it be nice if the fence were repaired and some yard work done as well.

So to appease her you hire a gardener to help make the adjustments to the yard. Seeing all the beautiful work done reminds Christine that she needs to share the changes with others as she takes pictures to text and post to friends and family.

Talking to friends and family makes her realize that she really misses them and wants them all to come over and see the new house and yard so she starts to clean extensively.

While cleaning it gives her time to see how many changes she would make to the house if she could start all over from the ground up so she decides to put it up for sale.

With the realtor called and the house on the market the family will need a new house to live in.

….and chances are if you need a new house to live in you will probably need a contractor to go with it

Wheels on the Bus IPhone/ITouch Review

I am completely addicted to finding cool apps (applications) on my Iphone. Needless to say when the Family Review Network asked me to review a new app for children I jumped at the chance. Yes, I know my children are not the ideal age range, but we are around kids all the time. This morning in fact we were entertaining ten kids from six families at my garage sale. The younger ones were fascinated with my Iphone, and asked me constantly if they could see it again (and again…..and again). So apps like the new Duck Duck Moose Wheels on the Bus, always come in handy.

The premise of the game is that you can be interactive with the beloved children’s song “Wheels on the Bus”. Some of the neat things your child can do, is amke the windsheild wipers swish, Helping the baker serve cake, and my personal favorite recording your own voice as part of the story. Channeling my inner diva….even at my age, who can resist? For a limited time the app store is offering Wheels on the Bus for $.99 instead of it’s regular price of $2.99.

It is a sure fire hit and great distractor so don’t miss the deal while you have the chance. I really can’t wait to share this with all my gym kids, and when I go see my neices during spring break. So, if you think the application is not for you, think about who you could share it with.

PakNak: Review and Giveway

Making my children’s things easily identifiable is important. For instance there is a girl at school with the exact same lunch box as Regan, and every time I see it when I pick the girls up, I am tempted to take it with us. In fact I have had to open it a few times to check whether it belongs to us or not. With PakNak I know have an easy way to identify Regan’s lunchbox, and it is fashionably fun as well.

From the company:

Our Naks are 3D, rubbery, interchangeable and are super easy to attach to
surfaces (with no work or hassle for mom and dad). We knew self-adhesive,
flexible, weatherproof designs were crucial to making Naks work.

Well Regan and Rebecca love their PakNaks. The first one I insisted went right onto Regan’s lunchbox. Then Regan wanted the other one for her backpack. Rebecca on the other hand wants hers on her camp shower caddy, and tote bag. They were really happy that the Naks were easily switchable and that they could trade or change looks at the drop of a hat.

These are virtually indestructible and add the perfect accessory to anything for your kids. They come in over forty styles that is sure to suit the girls and boys in your house. Each one also has it’s own personality, and style which is perfect in finding the Nak to suit each child’s personality. For a limited time right now you can get 20% off your order when you enter in this code at the checkout:

checkout code: PAK20

Want to win your own PakNaks? I am excite to have three winners for this giveaway, and each winner will receive four of their own ( you get to choose) to decorate at their whim. This giveaway is for United States and Canadian residents only and will end May 31, 2009 at midnight CST. Please remember when entering anonymously to include your email address.

1.Mandatory Entry: Visit PakNak and tell me which design is your favorite.

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Dragon Naturally Speaking

I wish I was a faster typist. Unfortunately, it is not something that comes naturally to me. I still watch the keyboard as I type, and pick out letters one at a time. It is quite shameful I tell you. The really cool thing is that I have actually found the perfect solution for me with a program called Dragon Naturally Speaking. This program lets slow typists like me get words out quickly through an amazing transcription program. Watch for yourself to see how it works.

To show how much faster it is than your typing speed, See for yourself by taking Dragon’s typing speed test!. I am embarrassed to say I was a measly 41 words per minute. Using this transcription program could completely transform my embarrassing typing speed and increase it through transcription to 150 words per minute. To all my Mac friends it also comes in the Mac Speech Dictate, so you are not left out.

I found another video on the website that shows that it can even hear you clearly through outside distractions…in this case, wind. Hear it for yourself. I wonder if it could also be heard through my screaming girls? That is a chance I am willing to take because I abhor typing just that much.