25 Randomicity (Yes I made the word up….so there)
One of my darling fellow Texas bloggers (props to all my lone star gals) Brandie from Come Via our House has challenged me to be random in 25 different ways. I am so up to that challenge ( I hope I don’t scare any of you off).

  1. I miss the Jehovah’s Witnesses that used to come by once a month….I guess they have finally decided I was nonconvertible….but it was so sweet of them to be so persistant and try.
  2. I am super psyched to see that I have reached 200 followers….my family wishes I would blog less, and facebook instead…..NOT HAPPENING!
  3. My sister is my complete sounding board for everything. She is so awesome!
  4. My brother should listen to us and go on Match.com or Eharmony…he is quite a catch!
  5. My favorite phrase at the moment is “Holy Guacamole”….not sure why, guess because I am not much of a cusser.
  6. How sad that the only way I am getting my next spa day is that Regan did so well on her report card, I convinced John Mark that would be the perfect treat for her was a mani/pedi….and of course while I took her, I should get something done as well.
  7. I can’t seem to get into dinner time lately….which is great for my waistline, but poor on the good mothering side of life.
  8. My Ice Cream party from Haagen Dazs somehow turned into a party with 7 ten year olds and two 13 year olds……ummmmmm that is “my” ice cream
  9. The girl’s school has nominated me for volunteer of the year for pretty much running the gifted and talented program for the last two years….honestly I am embarrassed that I would rather see a paycheck from it and call it “substitute teaching” instead of some sort of plaque.
  10. I am taking Regan to get her hair cut in the morning so that she doesn’t look quite so shaggy in all of her Special Olympics pictures I am taking taking.
  11. I realized from my small trip to Disney, that I should travel much more than I do….cuz I am checking airline prices all the time looking for a good deal. Anyone want a visitor? I have a passport…and can travel
  12. With Easter coming next week, I need to focus on what to put in eggs, and 16 Easter baskets……yes that was 16!
  13. Want to know how many of those baskets are for kids? ummmmm well just four (and Claire is newborn so she might not count)
  14. Hence another random wacky fact about my family…Everyone always gets their own Easter Baskets and Christmas Stockings filled with stuff….so I need mature goodies for most of the baskets.
  15. I am glad Rebecca is no longer socially grounded…because I miss all the kids that are at my house every weekend. we usually have 2-4 extras at any given time. It has actually been a little quiet this month.
  16. Did you know I am pretty talented at Origami? I can make about 10 items with a piece of paper, which is always entertaining with church bulletins when kids get fidgety
  17. I have several hundred books in my personal library, and find myself with nothing to read at the moment, and nothing i feel like re reading.
  18. I really need someone to order from my library on paperbackswap.com so I can earn me some credits
  19. I find I am always on the lookout for other Texas bloggers or cerebral palsy mom bloggers, it is not that I feel like those are exclusive clubs or anything…I am just drawn to those women for some reason.
  20. I wish I had gotten the flu or a good virus this winter…just because those are a great quick weight loss program, and a perfect excuse to lie in bed for a couple of days….but alas, i am healthy as can be LOL
  21. Oh, almost forgot….I found my first official gray hair the other day …I guess at 36, that would be the norm…still processing it honestly.
  22. I have cravings for bacon egg and cheese breakfast tacos on homemade tortillas….I have to really focus that I don’t spend money in the mornings buying breakfast when I have perfectly good things to eat at home for way cheaper.
  23. Speaking of money, I am a complete Dave Ramsey addict and will tear up on Fridays listening to all the people with their debt free calls. I am always so happy for them.
  24. I wish that I was going to BlogHer or one of those other amazing conventions because it would be such a blast and a great learning experience…..doesn’t anyone want to sponsor me?
  25. Oh and finally……..I am trying to come to terms with the way photograph, so that I will eventually be brave enough to post a picture of myself on here….but, have such a big personality, that pictures to me just fall flat, and I never like them. Maybe I should have my readers draw pictures of what they think I might look like, and email them to me and I will post those….ooooh that could be fun, and interesting