Addicted to Sap…Who Knew?

At this time of year I find for some strange reason all my typical logic, and sensibilities go right out the window, and I find myself with very alien feelings of being sentimental, and a little weepy……which is soooo not me. I have found the cause so that many of you can avoid the weeping pit I have fallen into. The den of sobbing uncontrollably for complete nonsense can be found every evening…..

At the Hallmark Channel

The girls and I find ourselves home from the gym in the evenings for the last two weeks and we turn on the Hallmark channel and watch every single one of those Christmas movies. I am touched by “A grandpa For Christmas”. I laughed along with “Meet the Santas”. Regan had me Tivo “Moonlight and Mistletoe”, and “Searching for John Christmas”.

We also talk in the car of some of our previous year’s favorites, looking for them to make an appearance like The Snowglobe Christmas movie, and my favorite “A boyfriend for Christmas”. I am not a sappy movie person but every year these play in the background while I work on my computer, and I laugh, cry, Tivo the weekend marathons, and scare the life out of my girls who are not used to seeing an emotional mom.

Of course I could cure it quickly by just turning the darn thing off, but I find myself powerless against the almighty Hallmark Channel.

Is there an addict group for weird people like me?