Apparently I should be X-rated

Well this morning I was feeding my sitemeter addiction and I noticed that continuing in the tradition of the last week or so that I have a lot of searches for one particular post. This post is of my daughter’s Volleyball team, and the fact that they are called cougars.

Well curiosity got the better of me this morning and I clicked on one of the searches. To my horror along with my completely innocent blog up came a ton of sites for “cougar” porn. I am so sorry to be disappointing a lot of truly sick S.O.B’s but I am most definitely not promoting porn in any way shape or form.

I called my husband because my first reaction was to be completely disturbed and self-righteous, but my husband just burst out laughing at me! “Christine, do you know how many really lonely men, just got truly disappointed when they saw your blog”? OK, what? So since the words housewife and mouth appear in my blog title, and I have a post about cougars, I am reaching a whole new target audience than I ever intended. Sorry to disappoint this new audience….but this gal, don’t fly that way!