Arriving Momentarily

Wow, I thought I would be all “clever” and such and make sure I preposted before I left for vacation. I would not want to lose readers (well I confess to being absolutely paranoid about that). So I am assuming that everything you are about to read has actually happened or will happen

Anyway, today we have arrived, and our game plan is to go to Animal Kingdom this evening and get in some rides. I hope most people arriving will not want to waste Fiday at the park and will be concentrating more on arrival or departure, and maybe the park won’t be so bad.

In the meantime, wish us lots of luck as Rebecca’s Cheer squad competes tomorrow morning and again on Sunday. She and her friends are looking forward to serenading Mickey Mouse with a chorus of “Oh Mickey…your so fine” That should be fun for seconds and something he’s never heard a million times before.

By the way while I am assuming what will happen on my projected Friday, I am also going to pretend that as I arrived at the park, Walt Disney World announced me as their billionth customer, and has given my family unlimited vactaion there for the rest of our lives……Then all of a sudden Ed MacMahon is there for Publishers Clearing House( oh wait isn’t he like sick or something?) Okay maybe I am getting to much fantasy out of hand! I hope you read me direct from Disney, but I have never tried to blog from my Iphone, so not sure if anything will take or not.