Baby Teeth….Make Great Keepsakes?

Not long ago I was at a friend’s house when I was introduced to a jar of her children’s baby teeth. I have to admit I at first thought she was kidding. Then I discovered, that I was the odd one for just considering baby teeth only trash can worthy. I do have both of the girl’s first locks of hair. I have beautiful scrapbooks of their infancy, I am always on the lookout for chronicling every Kodak moment….but baby teeth, it never occured to me.

So, I took an informal survey of several of my friends. A few ladies kept first teeth only, some threw them all away, and then a few kept every single one. One friend even told me about having them in the baby album placed in order of where they belong in the mouth and what date they were lost on, yeah that not a little psycho troubling. Hmmm, so will my children one day need therapy because I didn’t scrapbook their baby teeth?

Apparently, historically saving baby teeth is a timeless tradition, and in the Victorian Age, really devoted mothers could even have jewelry made from them… kidding!!!!

Yes you see those little teeth used to belong on some child in the late 1800’s, and now they can adorn your ears. Now, I love jewelry, but this is postively gothic, and completely not my style….but I bet my friend might be looking for something to do with her jar of teeth…hmmmm, Christmas?