Bacon is not Currency

Yesterday I made a Wal-Mart run to get the girl’s school supplies. Rebeca and her good friend Kayla accompanied me to make sure I was spending my money on useless junk the perfect school supplies. Rebecca seems to think it is important if I am buying Kleenex for the class that I cannot get the generic store brand…because she like the stuff with lotion. After explaining to her that these were for the whole class not her personal use, and not everyone is as picky…she offered to cough up the extra buck in price difference for her Kleenex, and told me I could put Regan’s name on generic but not hers.

Of course I asked her to hand over the dollar first before relenting.

Anyway, we gathered the majority of the supplies, looked at acceptable lipgloss that can be worn as a 6th grader, and headed to check out to pay for everything. After emptying my cart and waiting for the lady to quote me the price, I reached into my wallet to pull out the amount.

And pulled out a piece of Bacon…….

No Kidding!!!!

The lady looked at me oddly.
My face turned beet red and the girls started laughing hysterically.
Why do I have bacon in my wallet?

I started fumbling out an apology, but by that time the cashier had lost it too and was laughing.

“Wal-Mart has a policy that we cannot accept bacon as payment” she quipped.

Which sent the girls into more howls of laughter and the entire front of the store looking my way.

I quickly shoved the bacon back in my purse and pulled out the cash, grabbed my bags and pulled the girls holding their sides to the car.

“Rebecca, why is there bacon in my purse”?
“I swear Mom it wasn’t me….maybe it was Regan”.

I drove home to find out that the other morning when we went out to breakfast with grandma after the slumber party (see next post), Regan put the bacon she wanted to save for later in my purse.

Today I learned that Bacon is not currency, and my 13 yr old thinks my purse is a doggie bag. What have you learned?