Big Daddy EZ Lasso Review

Trick Roping
I can honestly say it is not something I would have ever though Rebecca would be interested in. Her summer camp offers trick roping as one of it’s classes and you could have knocked me over with a feather when this picture came up on the camp website. There she was pure joy with a lasso. It is one of the activities she still talks about how fun it really is when you learn.

When I talked to the people at Monkey Business Sports it was with great excitement that I could bring part of the joy of summer camp home to Rebecca. They sent us The Big Daddy EZ Lasso to try out. It comes complete with the rope and an instructional DVD. I am excited to tell you that it was a great surprise for her and a really fun activity we have enjoyed.

The DVD leads you through how to get started with the basic twisting of your wrist. Then the first beginning Trick of switching hands while spinning. The tricks get more advanced as you learn and advance through the DVD. It is easy to understand and follow. We had no problems getting through the instructions.

Rebecca claimed to not need the DVD at first and was back to twirling the lasso right away, but she did want to learn the “Merry-Go-Round” trick and we popped in the DVD for instruction. Even Regan wanted to get in on the action , but I am afraid trick roping is one of those fine motor skills that do not come easy for her with her cerebral palsy.

I recommend this toy and DVD for any child six and up (and I do mean on up because Rebecca is 11 and had a blast). It is a perfect starter for any little cowgirl or cowboy. It would also be a great compliment to any cowboy/cowgirl Halloween costume to entertain the crowd and garner treats with your tricks.