Black Friday Rocked my Sox

My friends and I left the house at 3:00am to drive the 45 minutes to the nearest “city”. We had not slept at all due to other circumstances, but we were armed with our list, and the knowledge that Wal Mart was price matching everyone! No need to even shop at some of our regular stops….in fact this is this first year ever I did not even step foot into Target because, I price matched all their deals at Wal Mart while I was there. I did get my Cricut……and it is awesome! I did have people following me in the parking lot just for my cart (that was a first for me).

We ate Breakfast at Sam’s….then off to Kohls. We had a wonderful time there, and got the girls such cute clothes for Christmas! Then to the mall where i had actually already purchased my stuff at Best Buy at 2:30 am online…..and it was just waiting for me to pick up. No lines no fuss! We got all our typical mall deals, and then I was home by noon.

I want to apologize to my gal Dorsey…who I was hoping to meet up with for lunch…it is always cool to get to meet one of your favorite bloggers….but I was exhausted, and could only text her a feeble apology. I finally got to sleep for about an hour this afternoon, and am looking forward to my pillow right now. I do have some funny Black Friday anecdotes that I will share tomorrow.

Yes, that is the back of my Honda Odyssey this morning….but it really isn’t all mine. I did have a car full of some of my favorite frugal gal pals!