Black Friday Strategy: Kohl’s

Over the next few weeks I will start prepping for my favorite shopping day of the year: Black Friday. Every year several friends and I brave the crowds and madness, and come out very successful. I plan to spend several posts discussing strategies, sites to visit, and links to early ads.

The first store in this series is Kohl’s. This is a great place to get clothes, household items, and gifts. This is not where I would recommend if you wanted the latest in high tech gadgetry or toy mecca, but for your basic gift giving this is a great place. That being said, navigating Kohl’s on Black Friday can make you want to never return, unless you know a few tricks of the trade.

Kohl’s traditionally has about 5-8 registers in the front of the store, and a line leading around the store by the time you have found all your items. It can be very frustrating when you are stuck in line, and your are thinking about the deals you are missing out yon in other stores. Getting in and out quickly is key.

Okay, here is the big tip: If you will go to the jewelry counter, where they are having unbelievable sales, and pick up a really cheap pair of gold earrings (last year I got Regan a pair for $6.00) then they will check out the rest of your items at the same time. Everyone in my party was able to get in and out of Kohl’s in under a 1/2 hour, and on to the next store.

I have also heard (but not tested) a strategy to purchase something from Kohls two days before (and also case it out for best strategies) then head straight back to returns and have them check you out at the same time. If you have tips for Black Friday Shopping at Kohl’s leave them here in the comments for everyone to learn from, Thanks!