Black Friday Strategy: Target

In my continuing series to celebrate what I consider the most wonderful time of the year, I am going to discuss a strategy for Target.

Target has got to be one of my absolute favorite stores for just ordinary household shopping. I much prefer it to Wal-Mart. In fact I only shop Wal-Mart, if I know Target doesn’t carry what I am looking for, or I have to get several things and I don’t care about quality….just price. Target gives you the best of both quality and price.

Black Friday shopping here is more of a waiting outside in line challenge then an inside the store challenge. First of all get your carts and park them near the Pharmacy. Then alternate with your shopping friends watching the cart and doing your store run. About 30 minutes after the store opens then Target starts opening up alternative registers….well since you are at the pharmacy already…check out immediately! Going through the store without your cart makes it easier to weave in and out, and make some quick grabs. Another thing I have noted in the past two years is that the lines for the registers are at one end with no one directing people to open registers. What this mean is the registers by the doors often had hardly anyone in line because no one could see they were open. Instead of getting in the long line of people go the opposite direction around the store, and immediately through checkout one….no one is the wiser.

Everyone in my party keeps cell phones on hand and we just call each other through out the store. If someone is picking up toys, tell them to grab yours also. No reason for two of you to get stuck in the mad house. Usually we plan this in line and everyone checks their lists, and takes orders from each other.