Book Review:Queen of the Road and Giveaway

I adore reading and you will find books spilling over in every room in my home. Sometimes I think I live in a library…..but to be honest, not all books are what I term “shelfworthy”. There are the books who get shelf space because they are yet to be read, and those that get space because they are so good that I (or John Mark) will read them again. The other unfortunate books find there way to my garage sale/paperback exchange box. The book Queen of The Road by Doreen Orion is shelfworthy which is the highest praise I can give.

This novel follows the hilarious and sometimes poignant adventures of Doreen and her husband as they embark on a one year sabbatical tour of the United States in a refurbished bus. First let me say that I admire Doreen for overcoming her fears of such an odious undertaking, and turning it into an experience of self discovery. Every chapter starts off with a cocktail recipe reminiscent of the story to come. I must admit I can’t wait to make Elusive Moose and Love me Bender.

I really enjoyed the history involved in some of the locations, and probably my favorite part was their stay at the Nudist RV resort. I half to admit a little disappointment that they were not as enchanted with Texas as I am….but hey I understand we Texans are not everyone’s cup of tea. Finally, Doreen has left me with a burning desire to visit Savannah, and experience that city in all it’s glory.

I also envy her for having a handy husband (alas, mine is not so much). Doreen’s Tim is the perfect foil for her larger than life character. She affectionately refers to him as Project Nerd, and he seem to remain the calm voice of reason, and the fix- it man for everything. Tim is the kind of guy we would all want around us for support.

The New York Post says, “(The book is) a Charles Kuralt-Albert Brooks-style romp where they meet up with nudists, robbers and more. Required reading.” New York Times Bestselling Novelist Jonathan Kellerman notes, “A charming, insightful and – most important – hilarious book that evokes the best of Bill Bryson and David Sedaris, but spotlights the unique voice of a gifted memoirist.”

If you are looking for a great read, or the perfect Christmas gift for a reader you know, than look no further. Doreen Orion is a hoot and a half, and well worth the time. This one you will want for your own shelfworthy book. To purchase a copy for yourself just click through here.

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