Boost Kid’s Essentials Review

Regan , if I let her, would literally be the most unhealthy kid on the planet. She is my meat and potatoes kid, and has a sweet tooth the size of Texas. The other problem she has is improper growth and development due to her cerebral palsy. She is the smallest in 7th grade and still only weighs in at 75 lbs. This is because most of her body’s energy goes to movement and not growth.

The problem is finding her healthy ways to eat that also do not cause meltdowns or bad temper at the table. Thanks to Boost Kid’s Essentials I have found a drink that in fact helps a lot. The really great part? Regan loves them. She says they taste just like vanilla milkshakes….I guess there is no point in me telling them how healthy they really are.

Here is the lowdown form the Boost website Parent page:

BOOST Kid Essentials Drink is the only nutritionally complete drink that provides kids ages 1 through 13 with immune-strengthening probiotics plus complete, balanced nutrition. A daily serving of the probiotic found in the BOOST Kid Essentials Drink straw has been clinically shown to help strengthen the immune system. Whether a child is having trouble gaining weight, is below growth percentiles, resists eating enough nutritious foods, or needs extra nutrition to maintain an active lifestyle, BOOST Kid Essentials Drink can fill in nutritional gaps.

Additional facts for parents:

Contains 25 essentials vitamins and minerals
Provides 7 grams of protein
Includes antioxidants
Lactose and Gluten free
Does NOT contain high fructose corn syrup
Available in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry
More information about the benefits of the probiotic straw can be found on the parent page on the Boost website.

Well Regan is begging me to buy her more, and that won’t be any problem at all. If you are a frugal shopper like me right now you can find a $5.00 Coupon at their site.

A special thank you to the Family Review Network and to Nestle Nutrition for this opportunity.