Bored in Wal-Mart? Play Bingo!

Do you just hate those Wal-Mart runs?
Are you lookng for ways to make your trip just a little more interesting? Need some entertainment while you glance through endless racks of clothing and shelves of weight loss supplements. Well then I have the perfect game for you!

I mean really aren’t these the strange unexplainable kinds of people you can see at any given day at this place. Last year we saw a lady who had transformed a pair of men’s tidy whities into a tank top. To this day I am baffled if it was for pure necessity, or whether she was trying to make a fashion statement. So enjoy your next trip to the theme park that is Wally World, and play the game that is all the rage. Come back and tell me if you get a Bingo!

Side note….no this is not my own invention, just found it oddly humorous when it was sent to me in an email. If this offends you in any way….I suggest don’t shop at Wal-Mart

And if you see the unattended crying children sorry those are my girls I wouldn’t let them have the free kittens.