Branching out

Today in our mail was a lovely flyer from one of my husband’s associates addressed to me. In a few weeks we attend my husbands summer meeting that always includes the whole family. Basically he attends classes for two days and the girls and I sit around pools, and chat with the other wives and families and the token husband or two. Since John Mark works in the financial industry lately things have taken a drastic downward turn.

No longer is it a leisurely 3-4 day conference with golf, and activities along with the mandatory classes… it is two days of all classes and one awards banquet. Bare bones, and no longer resort areas. Cut to more budget conscious motel/conference centers. Everybody is trying hard to make it through the economic downturn, and struggle through it until hopefully the light at the end of the tunnel appears.

Which brings me to my mail I received today. His company is looking to expand more with women in the marketplace, and is wanting more females in those
investment banker jobs, but why reach out to the wives? Because I know the hell my spouse is going through. Let me get this straight….you want me to tell my friends that they should look at being a financial advisor in one of the worst financial markets in history? I choose not to sell out my fellow women in that way. It is a struggle right now for my sweetheart and he has an established office for over 15 years. I would not wish on my worst enemy to go through this right now. It is tough!!!

So I nicely ripped my letter up into little bits, and wish all my friends a stress-free life where the financial freedom, retirement, college money of your friends and family are not your responsibility. Feel free to thank me from sparing you the absolute misery we have been going through.