Bubblegum Romance and Jude Devereaux

I have a passion for reading. There is not a day that goes by that at some point during the day I read a few pages of a book. I keep novels going in my bedroom, and also in almost every bathroom in the house. It is typical for me to have several going at the same time, because I have no problems keeping plot lines straight. I can’t even fall asleep at night without at least glancing at written word.

That being said, I have developed such a distaste for Romance novels. I don’t mind so much the sameness of plot or the fact that it looks like there were thousands of lords and ladies in regency England who fell in love, because I guess the peasants are so uninteresting. No, what truly bugs me is the brainless heroines in so many of these.

I have never been a “damsel in distress” type of gal. I pride myself on being self-reliant….in fact it drives my husband a little nuts, because I never ask him for help with anything. I used to really enjoy reading Jude Devereaux “the early years” because she had great heroines who ran households, did it all, and were rarely out of control….and then she turned on me. The romances all became about odd time traveling sagas, because apparently the right guy isn’t here…he is fighting dragons three centuries before…sorry you missed each other.

The reason for tonight’s minor irritation, is against my better judgement, and lack of finding anything else to read around here I picked up a Jude Devereaux novel my mom had given me in a bag of books. This one was called “Temptation” I read it and gradually realized my brain was actually getting numb with each passing word. Going to go find something that will boost brain power and not decimate it