Can you Spell it out?

The joys of the school spelling bee. Yes, it is that time of year again and all children at the girl’s school in 4th through 8th grade have the option of being in the school spelling bee.

Both Regan and Rebecca always participate, and never study….just wing it. Their past experience with doing it this way has been successful so far so I guess it is no-loss formula in their eyes.

The funny thing is that accents can get in the way terribly as was so aptly demonstrated by this year’s contestants. Apparently the rules are vague with how many times the moderator can say the word and then you either understand or not as the case may be…and spell to what you thought you heard. Kind of like the game telephone.

English teacher says “Algorythm” child hears “outter rim” no matter how many times the teacher says the word. The teacher does have a strong south Texas bohemian (czech/german) accent. You just hope for the best. The top five students remaining that basically don’t mis hear and spell correctly their words get to move on to the county level.

Both the girls made it through the first round with Rebecca spelling lemon right and Regan with the word guitar. The second round took Rebecca out with the word bureaucracy (she couldn’t understand the teacher at all on this one….or knew what it was). Regan moved on to the third round spelling boutique right. Finally Regan went out on Rennaissance but still ended up in 4th place so she moves on to the next round at the county level.

She has decided to study a bit for this level. Wish her luck!