Chandelierson Rainbow Ferrante

We are completely thrilled that my sister is going to be a mom again. To make the news more joyous than that….it’s a girl! Well with my two girls, and now Jen having two girls it is full on girl world at our houses. So recently we were in Austin to visit with my sister and her family. One of the things we like to do when we are there is watch my 4yr old niece so that my sister and her sweet husband can have a date night out.

My niece loves to play “grown-up” board games with her cousins and I when we visit her, and the game of the night was a rousing round of Life. Well when my niece got to have twins during the game. We thought it was a good time to ask her what she would like to name her new baby sister. “Chandelierson” she said with no hesitation.

Our jaws kind of dropped on that one. Huh? Well we decided to roll with that…she pronounced it just like a light fixture “chandelier” with son added on. So I asked well than what should her middle name be? “Rainbow”, says my niece. So I would like to formally like to welcome my future niece (due in February) Chandelierson Rainbow Ferrante.