Cheer Chics Review and Giveaway

For the last three years I have been traveling with Rebecca to cheerleading competitions all around the state of Texas. We both really enjoy competitive cheer, but one of my favorite parts is shopping all the booths that set up at each competition. Our favorite booth that we buy from has always been Cheer Chics. Over the years we have become really big fans of their hair products, jewelry, and accessories. In fact there was a girl on Rebecca’s squad who thought she could only perform well if she had used Cheer Chics on her hair before a competition. They were her very own good luck charm.

You can just imagine my excitement (not to mention Rebecca’s) when the Cheer Chics company agreed to let us review their “Make-Your-Own Bring It On Lotion Kit” and the “Make-Your-Own Cheerific Lip Gloss Kit” for Rebecca’s Birthday Party. Wow! These were so much fun to make that even my friend Amy and I got into the action.

The Make-Your-Own Bring It On Lotion Kit came with eight bottles, three different scent/colors, glitter, and their special Pom Pom Potion. Below is the video we made of making the lotion. This was so neat, and I made strawberry (you could also choose cherry or kiwi)which smells delicious! All the girls could make it easily and it was the perfect way to spend some party time being creative. Both Regan and Rebecca like theirs so much, that they are packing them away for summer camp as their lotion to take. It is a thick formula that spreads easy, smells great, and had just the right amount of glitter to add shimmer and not be overwhelming. I recommend it for girls ages six and up and their moms too!

The Cheer Chics Make-Your-Own Cheerific Lip Gloss Kit is the other one we tried. It also came in three flavors (grape, strawberry, and cherry) and glitter. Each of the eight containers was already filled with the lip gloss concoction, and then you added your scent/flavor drops and glitter, and then uses the provided stirring sticks to mix your lip gloss. I really love this stuff and mine is in my purse seeing actual use on myself. First of all I loved the thickness, because it feels like it is protecting your lips and lasting as well. The girls love it because it smells great and has a little glitter in it to compliment shiny lips.

I can highly recommend these as a great party activity for any girl. With both kits when you add the glitter you are supposed to make a wish, which was a huge hit with all of us, and added to our bonding and sharing time. They are perfect party favors and are a great way to spend some time creating high quality lotion and lip gloss without having to go to one of those expensive kids boutiques or spas.

Want to win your own Cheer Chics PartyPack? I am thrilled that I am allowed to give away one Cheer Chics Party pack of the winners choice. You can choose either the Lotion or Lip gloss kit. This giveaway is for United States residents only and will end June 3, 2009 at midnight CST. Please remember when entering anonymously to include your email address.

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