Clean Air/Allergy Quest

With cold and flu season upon us, it begins another quest to figure out what the heck is Regan’s mysterious Winter allergy. For the last two years 2-3 times each year Regan has an allergic reaction to something…..we have no idea what. her allergy manifests itself into severe swelling…usually of her face. One morning she woke up and no kidding I thought I had given birth to Eric Stolz in the movie Mask. We of course rushed her to the emergency room and all of it was epidermal thank goodness. So that even though unattractive, at least it was not internal and messing with her breathing.

The first time it happened we made notes of everything that we could recall her doing and eating….and then it didn’t happen again for a few months. When it happened again we gave her benadryl to battle it, and took notes again and in accordance with Murphy’s Law nothing matched. Spring arrived and we thought it was probably some odd anomaly and chalked it up to weird things that just happen to Regan. Last year it flared up again and John Mark seemed to think it was an allergy to cloves (we put them in hot wassail to drink on chilly days) because twice she had come into contact with it…..but we still can’t be sure.

We have since banned all cloves from the house and she still had an allergic reaction two more times over last year which leads me to believe it might be something airborne so I am researching air purifiers like those made by ecoquest International company a health and wellness company. This year I am apprehensive as we await her first unknown attack, but I am trying to research prevention strategies before hand. Let me know if any of you have similar allergies and strategies.