Coming to you Live: Vado Review

Well I have wanted to Vlog for awhile now, but a video camera is not in my household budget, and the quality of my digital camera leaves lots to be desired. You can imagine then how incredible it is to actually get to review a video camera thanks in part to Creative. The girls and I of course went straight for the pink camera because we couldn’t resist it, although to be fair it does come in other boring colors like black and silver.

When it arrived I was taken aback with how small and compact it is. It fits easily in my purse and is smaller than my cell phone. There is a 2 inch screen on one side so that you can easily view all that you are taping without having to strain your eyes at all. My favorite part though is how easy it is to use.

It didn’t even take us five minutes to figure it out. Well to be fair it took Rebecca about a minute and then she retaught it to me. So my 10 year old new how to work it instantly, and I took a few minutes more for instructions. But, both my girls found it very easy to just direct the camera, press record (the white button) and go with it.

There is also a nifty button that allows you to instantly trash any video that is not up to quality. This came in handy with Regan’s three videos of her own knees. Which might have made for fun posting not really but I wasn’t going to chance it. The Vado is also easy to charge and upload with. It plugs right into your USB port and you can choose to load up to YouTube or Photobucket with the push of a button. The battery is rechargeable, and charges through your USB or you can purchase a separate wall adapter for it.

Probably my favorite part is that it holds up to two hours of video on it. I can’t wait to take it to our Mother’s Day Lunch on Sunday in Austin to capture three of my grandparents, my parents, and my children to get to have that memory of four generations on film. This is such a convenient way to capture those wonderful moments inlife as they happen. Thank you so muchCreative for allowing me to review one.

Looking for an awesome Mother’s Day gift? The Vado is less than $100 dollars which seems like such a bargain for all that you can get out of it. With something this convenient and easy to use, then Mother’s Day Shopping just became a breeze.

Oh by the way want to hear me ramble about the Vado and take a tour of my kitchen and living room…then enjoy (and ignore the dirt!)