Cure for Insomnia

John Mark has been in St. Louis all week, and what that means for me is many sleepless nights. Yes, we have an alarm system so I feel perfectly safe, but the fact that the house just is empty makes me a nervous wreck until i am too tired to care. So for this week I have gone to sleep any where from 12:30-2:30 a.m. and still waking up everyday for daycamp and all my other commitments.

I think my problem is I know I can take something to help me sleep, but sleep medications just make me nervous somehow. In fact almost all medications make me nervous, I think that I have a fear of becoming addicted to things, so I take them in extreme moderation. I know they will do me good, and help heal but I just hesitate. If I have the flu, I wait it out, drink lots of fluids, and sit in steam. If I had something specific or obscure like mesothelioma than I know that a specific Mesothelioma treatment would be recommended. For some reason lack of sleep is one of those things that just doesn’t qualify in my mind as medication worthy.

Once again I sit here at 1:00 in the morning and dreading another lack of sleep night. Sunday my sweetheart will be back home with me again and I will be able to sleep again. Let’s hope I can function through then.