Daiqmos Anyone?

Last May for my birthday my sister gave me a case of TGI Fridays mixers to go with my Margeritaville Frozen Concoction Maker. We have slowly been making our way through all the different mixers and flavors, because I am, after all, and equal opportunity drinker. It just completely depends on my mood and season to decide what I would like to enjoy in the evening while I do some blog and computer work.

Rebecca has also gotten to be quite the mixologist in a very non-alcoholic version. Because all of the mixers actually taste delicious on their own and have no alcohol in them. This summer she was a Margarita girl. She loves tart lemon lime citrus, and made herself virgin ritas all the time….although we forbade her from telling people she was drinking margarita mix. We just called them lemon-lime freezes.

This fall I was settling into cosmopolitan mode and have been slowly making my way through my mix. Rebecca who has never been a cran fan tried a non alcoholic frozen cosmo and declared it her new favorite pink drink. Yesterday she asked me if she could make frozen cosmos with the concoction maker, and I gave her the thumbs up from the living room while I was busy doing my EC drops. She gives me a large plastic cup filled with frozen pink loveliness…complete with an umbrella, and declares she has made some recipe changes. I quickly frown at her and remind her she is not allowed to touch anything in the bar. She assures me she did not, but since she ran out of the cosmo mix, she had decided to add some strawberry daiquiri to the blender. She officially introduced her new drink the frozen Daiqmo. She was so proud of herself for being innovative….but honestly I am more concerned with her ability to mix a drink!