Diet vs. Diet?

Rebecca is my athletic child in every sense of the word. If there is an activity going on anywhere around her she is going for it full force. She has so much energy…..but we always have to watch her sugar/caffeine intake. Since she is a little thing she can go completely hyper/nuts with just the smallest amounts.

She was telling a friend of hers the other day that she was on a diet, and her friend got completely upset….because what Rebecca meant was a healthy eating lifestyle….not a weight loss plan. The child barely weighs 65 lbs wet….I wouldn’t dream of starving her or depriving her….but still the word spread like wildfire that Rebecca was on a diet.

I had to sit down and talk to her about her word choices. She is supposed to emphasize eating healthy. Taking her Juice Plus for the extra fruits and veggies is not the same as peddling diet pill info. So now she goes forth armed with the PC correct language of a healthy diet….not a weight loss diet.