Disappointed in the Broken Bounce Dryer Bar

***This product was not sent to me by the Bounce company and it is not in conjunction with an organized review. These are purely my own findings.

Last week I had a coupon to purchase the new Bounce Dryer Bar. I am a big fan of their dryer sheets, and I have always loved the smell of my laundry when I use them. It actually took me a while to track down the bar because it isn’t available yet at most of the places I shop (HEB, Dollar General) in my small town. Then we were in the city last week, and I was able to use my coupon. It was worth it to buy the bar at a big discount.

I read the directions and peeled off the paper backing to affix it to inside of my dryer on the smooth panel according to directions. It has worked well through approximately eight loads. I love how my clothes have smelled coming out of the dryer…I swear it is like a drug, I can’t wait to have a fresh t-shirt under my nose as soon as my dryer cycle is done. Then today I emptied my dryer, and it came out with the clothes.

No longer stuck to the side (the adhesive did not work) and looking really sad with lint stuck to it.

First of all I am really disappointed that this did not work like it is designed to. Secondly, I am contemplating keeping the chunks and throwing them in my dryer anyway because they make my clothes smell so good. I hate it when a product doesn’t work out like you hoped.

Anyone else having problems with the Bounce Dryer Bar?