Do you know where that Mouth has been?

Seriously, sometimes my children are just insanely weird to me…..I mean what in the heck are they thinking sometimes?
Last weekend Rebecca stayed the whole three days (yes it was blissfully silent at my house) with a very good friend of hers in a neighboring town. Now said friend has a large ranch with all the typical animals on it. Rebecca had the joy of bathing pigs to get them ready for the San Antonio Stock Show, and then going out on four wheelers to count cattle. She is very much my country girl and loved every minute of it.
So in regaling me with her stories about her weekend she started telling me about licking the cattle salt cubes. You know the ones that lie in the field full of salt and minerals for the cows? Apparently the girls thought it would taste pretty good….Okay I am completely horrified!
and then it got worse.
“Well then, mama, a cow came up and huffed at us cuz we were licking the salt block…so we backed out of her way to let her lick it….and then (friend) dared me to lick it after the cow.”
“Oh Rebecca Anne, please tell me you didn’t do it!!!!!!!”
She did….and laughed….no remorse at all.
I am disgusted!